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We have many shipments arriving over the next several weeks that will increase selection considerably. That said, inventory continues to be extremely limited overall due to heavy demand, product shortages, and global supply chain disruptions. We are working to restock as quickly as possible. You can read more in our November production and shipping update. Currently, we have a limit of 10 cases per item. Orders will be shipped immediately from in-stock inventory and cannot be held in anticipation of future arrivals.

Color Comets and Crackling Flower Barrage
Code: KL5013

Color Comets and Crackling Flower Barrage

$60.19 ($60.19/Each) New
Case Pack 1/1
Duration 30 Seconds
Shots 721
Size 16.50 x 11 x 11.75 in.
Units Per Case 1
A 500-gram barrage cake with 721 shots of red, green, yellow, and blue crackling flower.
Color Comets and Crackling Flower Barrage Video