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Quickplug 6-Cue Tester
Quickplug 6-Cue Tester
Quickplug 6-Cue Tester
Code: L0008

Quickplug 6-Cue Tester

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Size .74 x .49 x .41 in.
Unit Each

This compact device features six blue LEDs on the front panel. When plugged into an IGNITE module and cues are fired, the corresponding LED lights up, providing instant visual confirmation. Even when no cues are firing, the LED pulses, indicating the module is actively checking cue connections. This allows you to easily verify cue activation and ensure a seamless fireworks display.

You can use up to three Quickplug 6-Cue Testers with the IGNITE i18 module or up to six with the IGNITE i36 module.