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Code: W-C-CE11731


$70.83 ($17.71/Each)
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Case Pack 4/1
Duration 120 Seconds
Units Per Case 4
Amazing gives a shower of sparks for more than two minutes. It features lots of white crackle with alternating red, green, and blue pearls. It ends with a huge barrage of sparks and color!
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Dallas, TX

Best band for the buck

If you're looking for a fountain to slow things down a bit during your show, this is the one to get. It runs almost two full minutes and ends with a huge shower of crackle that's almost 40 feet week. Have a few of these running at the same time with a decent gap in between, and you'll have some nicer filler material. I'd recommend putting them up off the ground on a pedestal (maybe about 5-6 feet high) to imrove the view.


Houston Tx

Incredible show for just under 2 minutes.

The different staged of this fountain are incredible.


New Orleans, LA

A must have for any fireworks display!

This large fountain had the whole neighborhood in awe!

Pyro dog

Scottsburg IN.

The name speaks for itself.. AMAZING

I used (6) of these at the start of my show... People were Amazed. I will get this again.


Converse, LA

The ONE fountain to buy!!

Usually fountains are something of a disappointment compared with cakes and mortars but this one is leaps beyond the rest...light it and stand back for the show...just when you think its over it explodes in white crackles and get good color and excitement with this piece. It lasts for a full two minutes and its all good. Cant think of a negative..even a good finale piece.


Dickinson, ND

Amazing is right!

Show starter & ender!!!

5 Overall Rating