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Code: W-K-SX11176


$119.30 ($59.65/Each)
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Case Pack 2/1
Duration 30 Seconds
Shots 228
Units Per Case 2
Countermeasures showcases a fan-shaped display of red, white, and blue tails to crackle, followed by a criss-crossing wall of red, green, and blue stars with comet tails, finishing with colorful peonies and huge breaks of time rain!
Countermeasures Video Play Video



Raymond ia


This was a crowd favorite. Talked about the next day!

Service and Delivery Comments:


Des Moines, Ia

This product made people clap uncontrolably

This product starts out calm and collected but ends with a vengeance! And when paired with a few nice cakes..... I'll just say that when the fiery gets let loose at the end... get ready for a standing ovation. Goes very well with the the majestics just as the website says. I also did a color rush, heart aches, and vendetta with my finale. Came with a nice standing ovation from the neighborhood and quite a few others off in the distance.

Service and Delivery Comments:
My delivery was spot on! Exactly when and where they said they will be.



Awesome product. I would buy again

The colors in a different way that shoots really caught my eye. I will definitely be buying this one again.

Service and Delivery Comments:
Delivery was on time packaging was secure no damage.

5 Overall Rating