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The Manhattan Project
The Manhattan Project
The Manhattan Project
Code: WAG1010

The Manhattan Project

$135.95 ($45.32/Each) New
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Case Pack 3/24
No. of Launchers 4
No. of Shells 24
Shell Style Canister
Units Per Case 3
The Great American Fireworks Co.'s entry into the 5" shell market, with 24 premium, max-load shells you have to see—and hear—to believe!
  • Gold Titanium Willow with Gold Strobe
  • Gold Titanium Willow with Green Strobe
  • Gold Titanium Willow with Red and Blue Stars
  • Gold Coco Palm with Sky Blue Stars
  • Two-Stage Crackle
  • Gold Coco Palm with Crackling
  • Silk Sizzling Willow with Green Strobe
  • Teal and Orange Stars to Red Afterglow
  • Sky Blue Stars to Red Afterglow
  • Green and Purple Stars to Gold Afterglow
  • Purple and Lemon Stars to Red Afterglow
  • Red to Green Color Change with White Strobe
  • Green to Red Color Change with Gold Strobe
  • Gold and Silver Silk Willow
  • White Glittering Willow with Red Strobe
  • Red Glittering Willow with Green Strobe
  • Crackle with Willow Horsetail Pistil
  • Teal with Willow Horsetail Pistil
  • Red Strobe with Willow Horsetail Pistil
  • Red and Blue Stars with Willow Horsetail Pistil
  • White and Red Strobe with Blue Stars
  • Sky Blue and Purple with Green Strobe
  • Red, Green, and Sky Blue to Chrysanthemum Crackle
  • Red, Green, and White Strobe with Sky Blue Stars
The Manhattan Project Video



I definitely would buy these again

Love these. Great value for the money. Very much enjoyed these fireworks


Great product

I shot all of these shells in mortar racks made myself with HDPE tubes. They performed very well with great breaks. I had a total of 430 shells and six different brands I would list these shells in top three.


Welcome to the lineup!

Very nice new addition this year. Great willows, and blue and other colors are bright and distinct.



Dare I say better the the Excalibur.........


A new favorite

Great consumer shells


Love it

Very bright, big, and loud


I will buy these again and again

Absolutely jaw dropping..... The boom, the effects, everything about these canister shells Is...... WOW!!! I was not ready for the ooohs and aaahs I received when I fired these into the sky.


I will make sure this is in my show again.

Great Breaks....Sounds Great.


No lift.

No height on these. A few dropped back into the launch site and went off on the ground.


I would buy this again.

Awesome shells with beautiful breaks. The willow effect shells are outstanding and hang in the air forever.


Great mortar

i thought this was going to be "grand finally" type of item (in other words, light it and run!), but they were individual mortors. They were excellent though!


Simply the best artillery shell on the market

This artillery assortment is amazing. Huge boom coming out of the tube followed by a long lasting explosion of color.


Definite must have!

Awesome display!


I will buy this shell again

Everyone loved the Manhattan Project It was the best shell I have seen all year and I will buy them again the next time I order my fireworks


I will buy this next year

Use these in my custom mortar racks. Great variety.


Nice shell

Nice variety of effects. I'd say they don't have quite the power of Excals, but the effects are higher quality.


East Texas

Wow these hit hard and have great spread

Shot these for my grandson's birthday party along side of Excalibur shells and these were way better, much louder and bigger spread, what a spectacular show.

4.8 Overall Rating