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196-Shot Barrage Candle
Code: WHSX08181

196-Shot Barrage Candle

$73.25 ($6.10/Each)
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Case Pack 12/1
Duration 40 Seconds
Shots 196
Units Per Case 12
196 shots of assorted effects, including color pearls with report and crackle.
196-Shot Barrage Candle Video



Very fun!

Really fun candle, we fused 4 groups of 24 each of these together to create giant fountains!


Definitely buy again.

Great for use in a fan rack.


Holy smokes

Used 10 of these in my finale along with 70 excals and wow just wow so much going on everyone loved it.


Will purchase again next year

Loved this item... started my firework show off right. Will purchase again


Very nice

I loved these things, lit off 10 at once to add a massive amount of color to my finale and the crowd loved it


Buy every visit

Always get these always always


I would buy this product again

Great product my kids loved it.


Broken Arrow OK

Amazing candle

This product was absolutely amazing. I ended up building a 6 mount rack for these in a fan pattern and shot them with my finale shells and WOW what a show. They have great coverage and for as big as they are and fast shooting, they are pretty good duration. The colors are also spectacular. With out a doubt I will be adding these in my show again next year. Highly recommended especially with the amazing staff at Superior Fireworks I wont go anywhere else.

Service and Delivery Comments:
The service is amazing. The people at Superior Fireworks are truly top notch and really work hard to make sure everyone understands the products and gets what they want. Even for someone like me that dosent spend alot yet I still get treated like everyone else and they are always willing to help.


Broken Arrow, OK

Amazing roman candles

I bought a case of these this year because I saw Superior Fireworks shot all 12 off at once. Well I did just that and had these go off just before my mortor shells and they were amazing. Beautiful colors and really help fill the sky under the shells. I will be ordering multiple cases of these next year.



Awesome Roman candle best on the market

This is a must have and lighting two or three at a time is a great idea!

Service and Delivery Comments:
Customer service was amazing will buy from them for many years to come!

Colorado Rock Dog


Great amount of firepower.

Long lasting and super bright.


Odessa tx

I would buy again

Made for a great addition to my finale


Epping Nh

I would buy this every time awesome firework

Light these off bellow reloadables for an execellent show

Jon G

Tulsa, OK

New Annual Addition

I used a case of these for our main finale feature, and I chose well! These light up like a Tommy gun! It's truly a barrage. Lighting 12 off - 2 sets of 6, 30 yards apart, fanned out in all directions, along with 2 9-Shot cakes made the memory.

5 Overall Rating