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4,000 Special Firecrackers
Code: WIKM13107

4,000 Special Firecrackers

$72.28 ($18.07/Each)
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Case Pack 4/4000
Units Per Case 4
A large roll of 4,000 high-quality firecrackers that lasts a full minute! They come in a package that looks like a jumbo firecracker with a rope fuse.



Centerville IA

Do far away from houses

This thing was the best 2 minutes 50 seconds of my summer. The only way I can describe the sound is like if a tommy gun and a MG42 had a lovechild, warning, bring a broom and trash bag, and have 25 yards to roll it out, or pile it in a circle and play explosive jump rope, I don't control your life. I would describe this products appearance as an explosive spike strip and its performance is comparable to a call of duty diversion lure going off for 3 minutes straight, but it's 4000 firecrackers, it does exactly what you expect, recommend you stand about 25-30 feet away from blast to reduce risk of debris hitting your eye or something.

5 Overall Rating