Reloadable Shells

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Shells Per Pack: 12
Firing Tubes Included: 2
Description & Effects: Firearm artillery shells are 60 gram, maximum-load canister shells. These shells have loud lift charges that rocket them into the sky, and the color bursts in the air rival the top shells on the market.

Case Pack: 6
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Shooting Star

Not Available for 2017

By popular demand, an all-comet effect in an artillery shell! All shells have brilliant colorful tails that follow the breathtakingly beautiful comet that rises over 100 feet into the air.

Case Pack: 12
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Super Magnum Artillery

Ball Shells Are Back!

Shells Per Pack: 12
Firing Tubes Included: 1
Description & Effects: Super Magnum ball shells feature a wide assortment of effects and colors. Each shell fires into the sky with a tail and burst into a very symmetrical color break!

Case Pack: 12
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Hardcore Pyro

Shells Per Pack: 60
Firing Tubes Included: 6
Description & Effects: Hardcore Pyro is an artillery shell assortment with a wide variety of effects. It includes canister shells, ball shells, and double & triple-break shells.

Case Pack: 2
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Critical Acclaim

Not Available for 2017

Shells Per Pack: 10
Firing Tubes Included: 1
Description & Effects: Critical Acclaim is a mine shell kit. Each mine fires up to about 35 feet in the air. Effects include: multi-color stars, purple stars, crackling blue stars, gold comet tails, red comet tails, whistling reports, and crackling reports.

Case Pack: 8
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28-Shot Fiberglass Mortar Rack

A mortar rack with 28 fiberglass launcher tubes. The 1.91" inner diameter will accommodate any standard 1.75" shell.

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