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#100 Cutting Edge Tubes

Colors: Multi-color Peony with Crackling, Brocade Crown, Red Dahlia, Green Chrysanthemum
Description: Four assorted shells with oustanding height, and hard breaks.
1. Multi-color Peony with Crackling
2. Brocade Crown
3. Red Dahlia
4. Green Chrysanthemum

Case Pack: 24
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#300 Single-Shot Tube

Description: Large, single-shot aerial shells with one of four effects:

  1. Colorful Palms
  2. Blue to Red Peony
  3. Red Dahlia with Crackling
  4. Blue Pistil and Brocade Crown

Case Pack: 6/3
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#500 Single-Shot Tube

Description: Our largest, single-shot aerial shells featuring three effects:

  1. Red Peony with Palm Tree
  2. Red to Silver Glitter
  3. Red to Blue Crackling Flowers

Case Pack: 4/3
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#500 Brothers Tubes

Colors: Brocade with Multi-Color Tips, Gold Stars with Crackling, Purple Stars with Crackling, Red Chrysanthemum
Description: Four assorted shells with great colors and effects.
1. Brocade with Multi-Color Tips
2. Gold Stars with Crackling
3. Purple Stars with Crackling
4. Red Chrysanthemum

Case Pack: 12
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Drop Zone

Description: Drop Zone, fires a large shell that breaks (with no color) into a huge 35" diameter parachute, with a plastic army man attached, that slowly descends back to the ground!

Case Pack: 24
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