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Taking the Gloves Off: Title Bout is New in 2016

Production update: We’ve learned that Brothers is experiencing production delays that have made this item unavailable for the 2016 season. For an updated list of available shell kits, see our reloadable shells category page.

Anyone who’s taken a punch knows there’s a good chance you’ll see stars.

What we like about Brothers Pyrotechnics’ all-new Title Bout reloadable shells is that you get to see the stars, crackles, chrysanthemums and more without ever having to step in the ring.

We love this product and are proud to include it in our lineup of new products for 2016.

Why We Like Brothers Title Bout

Your Title Bout purchase gets a series of 12 single-break shells plus another 12 shots of double-breaks. The first 12 shells give you big-time chrysanthemums and brocades with solid report. There are even a few crackles mixed in there, too.


Title Bout, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Superior Fireworks


Title Bout follows up with a dozen quick-but-powerful double breaks ranging in color from greens and reds to blues and golds.



Brothers has a reputation for consistent quality with their fireworks and Title Bout is no different.

How Title Bout Compares to Other Shells

Title Bout is one of three new Brothers shells on our site: Gone Ballistic and Quest are the other two.

Each kit has 24 shells, but each one features slightly different effects and breaks. For instance, Title Bout has 12 single breaks and 12 double breaks. Gone Ballistic has 12 double breaks and 12 triple breaks. Quest has 24 single-breaks.

Deciding between the three is really up to your preference. Title Bout (12 singles) and Quest (24 singles) give you single-break canister shells, which means you’re going to get a lot more power and sound out of them compared to double-break shells or triple break shells. But, the multiple-break shells you get in Title Bout and Gone Ballistic definitely add some variety to your repertoire.

Price-wise, Title Bout is the middleweight of the group at $193.62. Quest weighs in at $189.48 and Gone Ballistic will cost you $217.20.

Load Up Your Cart: March Discounts are In Effect

The March early order discount is available for any purchases $1,000 or higher. This discount is added to our existing tier-based discounts. Read our post about the early-order discount to find out how much you can save.

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