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2018 Early Arrival: Incendiary Rounds

2018 Early Arrival: Incendiary Rounds

Incendiary Rounds is all-new from The Great American Fireworks Co. for 2018 and available now at Superior Fireworks. This early arrival is a premium-quality 1.25” artillery shell kit featuring 12 big breaks, each with a unique effect, and includes a fiberglass mortar.

Incendiary Rounds at a Glance

Incendiary Rounds


The Great American Fireworks Co.




Reloadable shells

Mortars Included:

1 Fiberglass

Wholesale Price:


Shell Type(s):


Wholesale Case Qty:


Shell Diameter:


Retail Price:


Avg Height:

90 feet
Effect Descriptions:
  1. Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow w/ Glitter
  2. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow w/ Crackling
  3. Brocade Crown
  4. Red with Green Glitter
  5. Red & Sky Blue w/ White Glitter
  6. Purple & Green w/ Crackle
  7. Brocade to Red and Green
  1. Red, Purple, Sky Blue w/ Golden Glitter
  2. Red, Blue, Green w/ Crackle
  3. Brocade Crown w/ White & Green Glitter
  4. Golden Glitter w/ Crackling
  5. Brocade Crown w/ Crackle & Glitter

Incendiary Rounds Video

Set the Night Sky Ablaze for Just a few Dollars

This is the first compact canister shell kit from The Great American Fireworks Co. and it delivers amazing performance at a bargain price. The smaller 1.25” shells really pack a punch and with 12 different effects, this kit offers an incredible value at only $20.00 for each kit retail (or about $1.67 a shell) and just $136.87 for a case of 12 at wholesale (that’s just $0.95 a shell!).

More Early Arrival Fireworks for 2018

We are excited to release new 2018 items to our customers early. Some other early new arrivals include a 750-Shot Color Saturn Missile Battery, SFX’s Full Bore Roman candles, and a new 500-gram zipper from Cutting Edge called Home Run. You’ll find the complete list on our website. Retail customers can shop the New for 2018 Retail page and wholesale customers can visit our New for 2018 Wholesale page.

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