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New for 2019: Ringing in the New Year

2019 Early Arrival: Ringing in the New Year

Ringing in the New Year is new for 2019 and has arrived just in time for your New Year’s celebration! This 42-shot, 500-gram repeater by SFX Fireworks will wow your crowd with a barrage of glittering red and blue breaks followed by three volleys of mine bursts with whistling snakes into peony breaks with a sizzling finish. Ringing in the New Year is available now at Superior Fireworks!

Ringing in the New Year at a Glance

SFX Ringing in the New Year Mock Up


SFX Fireworks




500-Gram Repeater

 Avg Duration:

20 Seconds

Wholesale Price:


Avg Height:

120 Feet

Wholesale Case Qty:

4 Colors: Red, Blue, White, Green, Pink, Purple, Gold

Retail Price:



Angled Firing Pattern
Effect Description: Ringing in the New Year fills the sky with angled shots of red and blue with white glitter, followed by mine bursts of swirling, whistling tails with red, green, and blue stars to aerial breaks of pink, purple, and green with gold crackle before finishing with sizzling red, green, and blue palms.

Ringing In The New Year Video

A Firework Made For New Year’s

You and your crowd will love the excitement of Ringing in the New Year. The glitter mixed in with the colorful breaks adds an element of elegance and high class, perfect for your swanky New Year’s Eve party. Plus, the three salvos of whistling snakes provide the perfect amount of revelry for welcoming in the New Year. This is the perfect firework to make part of your finale for your New Year’s Eve celebration!

Ringing in the New Year is available for just $109.29 at wholesale or $48.79 at retail.

Stay Tuned for More 2019 Early Arrivals

Ringing in the New Year is just one of the many exciting new products we are adding to our catalog in 2019. Follow us on our blog and social media channels to be among the first to hear about what’s new!

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