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New for 2019: Midnight Ride

2019 Early Arrival: Midnight Ride

Midnight Ride is new for 2019 and has arrived early in time for New Year’s! This two-firework set completes the legendary tale of Paul Revere started last year with the introduction Two If by Sea by adding its counterpart, One If by Land. One If by Land is a new 15-shot, 500-gram repeater by The Great American Fireworks Co. that features hard-hitting shots of fine golden palms with touches of green strobe, crackling, white strobe, and sky blue stars. Now you can get both of these fantastic items together in a single set or you can purchase them separately.

Midnight Ride at a Glance

GAFC Midnight Ride Mockup


The Great American Fireworks Co.


One If by Land: 15 Shots

Two If by Sea: 16 Shots


500-Gram Repeater

 Avg. Duration:

One If by Land: 50 Seconds

Two If by Sea: 40 Seconds

Wholesale Price:


Avg. Height:

120 Feet

Wholesale Case Qty:

2 Colors: Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Red, Silver, White

Retail Price:



Straight Firing Angle
Effect Description: One If by Land features 15 shots of fine, golden palms with touches of green strobe, crackling, white strobe, and sky blue stars. Two If by Sea has a unique performance of 16 double-shot shots with spiraling, gold tails. It packs in 8 different styles of breaks for awesome variety, including: brocade crown; red and green strobe; red, green, and blue burst; sky blue and white strobe; gold time-rain crackle; green burst with time rain; purple and gold strobe; and red, sky blue, and white strobe. It finishes with a grand, 4-break finale!

One If by Land Video

Two If by Sea Video

While Two If by Sea is not new, we thought you might like to refresh your memory on what it looks like.

The Legendary Tale is Complete

We are sure you agree that these two fireworks work great together as the perfect tribute to Paul Revere’s famous ride. The hard-hitting golden palms from One If by Land are nicely complemented by the golden tails and colorful double breaks of Two If by Sea. You could try starting your show with this duo by igniting One If by Land about 10 seconds before Two If by Sea so that they fire their finales simultaneously. What a great patriotic start to any fireworks show!

Midnight Ride is available for just $47.93 at wholesale or $69.99 at retail. One If by Land is available separately for $92.59 at wholesale for a case of four or $39.89 each at retail. Two If by Sea is available separately for $74.82 at wholesale for a case of 4 or $33.40 at retail.

Stay Tuned for More 2019 Early Arrival Announcements

Midnight Ride is just one of the many exciting new products we are adding to our catalog for 2019. We expect several other 2019 early arrivals this month, so be sure to follow us on our blog and social media channels to be among the first to be notified as they are announced!

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