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IGNITE Firing System

Now Offering IGNITE Firing Systems

We’re excited to announce that Superior Fireworks is now an authorized dealer for IGNITE! The IGNITE product line offers tremendous power and flexibility for customers designing and firing their fireworks shows, and we’re offering several essential IGNITE products that help you take your show to the next level.

Firing Modules

The foundation of the system is the firing module, and IGNITE offers two sizes: the 18-cue i18 and the 36-cue i36. These units are packed with high-end features:

  • A rechargeable LiPo battery that gives you 20+ hours of operation
  • Long-range BLE 5.0 for 50 to 100 meters or more of reliable Bluetooth connectivity to your phone or tablet
  • Support for up to 6 modules in a single show with assignable color-coded lights on each module.
  • Lifetime warranty by IGNITE
  • Industry-standard Quickplug® connectors
  • Element-resistant design that can withstand sparks and other fireworks fallout.
  • Simple firmware updates through the IGNITE app for futureproof design

Operation is super easy – simply download the IGNITE app and connect to your modules for free-fire mode, or use the IGNITE Show Designer to design a whole show!


You connect modules to your fireworks with the easy-to-use Clip-On Igniters, which are available in multiple lengths: 2-meter, 4-meter, and 6-meter. Simply plug the igniter into your firing module and connect the clip to your fuse:

IGNITE Show Designer

The IGNITE Show Designer is a free online show design solution that lets you unleash your pyrotechnic creativity to build the show of your dreams! The best part? Our full line of products from SFX Fireworks, SFX Show Line, and The Great American Fireworks Co. are preloaded in the system and ready to add to your show.

Once saved, you can print reports and fireworks labels, load the show in your IGNITE app, or share with friends!

Watch Your Own Show This Year

This is your chance to get off the firing line, sit back, and enjoy the show. Shop our line of IGNITE products to add to your fireworks order today! You’ll find them on our wholesale website for pre-order starting in February, and available in-store by the end of March.

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  1. Pat Raynor January 24, 2024 at 7:55 pm #

    Great to see this addition. Now I have to decide if a cut back on fireworks and get the firing system better than I have now or buy all the new fireworks. Life is just not fair.

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