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IGNITE i18 Firing Module
IGNITE i18 Firing Module
IGNITE i18 Firing Module
Code: L0002

IGNITE i18 Firing Module

$199.99 New
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Size 6.5 x 2.25 x 8.75 in.

The IGNITE i18 is a compact, 18-cue firing module supporting both free-shoot manual and fully automated shows.

Enhance your experience with our IGNITE i18 module by exploring our range of optional accessories, including the Quickplug Cue Tester and Breakout Boards.

Igniters are not included in the module purchase and are purchased separately.

# Cues 18
Battery Type LiPo Rechargeable
+ Charger
Battery Life 20+ Hours
Max Clip On Igniters
per Cue
Range 150-300ft+ / 50-100m+
*To connect more than one igniter to a cue, you need to use a breakout board with cable to assist in connecting multiple Quickplug igniters to a single cue.

Reusable and Expandable

Keep Your Investment

All IGNITE modules are reusable year after year and offer a lifetime warranty. If you need to shoot more fireworks, simply buy more modules.

Long-Range BLE 5.0

Be a Spectator to Your Show

IGNITE uses long-range BLE 5.0 powered by the Fanstel BT832XE BLE power-amplified transceiver. This is not your classic Bluetooth.

The i18 module has a minimum range of 50 to 100m+ (150 to 300ft+) with future expansion features to support longer range for challenging shoot site locations. It's important to note that this is the minimum range of these systems. It's common for phones and tablets to exceed 200m/600ft. Please watch the long-range video firing IGNITE from over 1,200 ft... To maximize range, raise it off the ground by at least one foot using a platform such as a 5-gallon bucket.

IGNITE also supports firing a show out of range by starting the show while in range, and instructing the modules to continue firing while out of range. Watch the Firing an Automated Show videos to learn more about this feature.

Standard LiPo Battery

Power-Packed out of the Gate

With 20+ hours of operation, the i18 module uses a standard internal rechargeable LiPo battery with a USB charger included.

Illuminated Color Identification

Feel the Glow

When pairing an IGNITE module to your smart device, you assign a color for identification. You can select modules by color when firing your show manually or designing your show using the online IGNITE Show Designer software.

Quickplug® Igniter Connectors

Works with All Types of Igniters

The IGNITE i18 module uses the industry-standard Quickplug® connectors, which means you can use all types of igniters, including Clip-on Igniters as well as the more professional, consumer-legal MJG Fuse-Tube Initiators.

Element-Resistant Design

Firework Warrior

The IGNITE i18 module has an element-resistant design and can withstand sparks and other fireworks fallout. If you expect rain or other weather elements, we suggest covering the unit with something such as a 5-gallon bucket.

Simple Firmware Updates

Futureproof Design

Any firmware updates to the IGNITE module for features or fixes are made available and performed directly from the app in seconds. No need for a USB or other software applications to perform updates.

Lifetime Warranty

Buy it for Life

IGNITE takes pride in usability, construction, and product ease-of-use. IGNITE offers a standard lifetime warranty for all products against manufacturing defects. In short, if you didn't break it, IGNITE fix it for free. Also, IGNITE will repair or replace your system, as well as cover shipping both ways, at no cost to you.

Quickplug 6-Cue Tester

Visually Confirm Ignition

The Quickplug 6-Cue Tester is an optional accessory for pyrotechnic enthusiasts, allowing the use of up to three testers with the IGNITE i18 module. Featuring six labeled blue LEDs for visual confirmation of cue firing, it simplifies setup and ensures a seamless pyrotechnic display. The LED also pulses to indicate active cue connection checking, providing peace of mind during your pyrotechnic endeavors.

IGNITE i18 Firing Module Video