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New for 2019 from Brothers Pyrotechnics

New for 2019 from Brothers Pyrotechnics

Brothers Pyrotechnics is one of our favorite fireworks brands because they deliver consistently high-quality products and unique effects. We know our customers love them as well, so we’re excited to introduce another seven items from Brothers as part of our 2019 catalog!

Crowning Glory

These are a great alternative to standard sparklers. Your guests both young and old will enjoy painting the night sky with them! This set of hand-held fountains contains one each of red, green, blue, purple and silver flame with gold and titanium flowers. Crowning Glory is available for just $115.86 a case at wholesale.

Touching the Sun

This spectacular fountain lasts for almost an entire minute. You will particularly enjoy the amazing crackling finale this item has. The fountain features yellow flames to multicolored stars with silver chrysanthemums, and then chrysanthemums to silver flowers with crackling stars. Touching the Sun is available for purchase for just $62.38 a case at wholesale.

Knuckle Sandwich

This 12-shot, 200-gram repeater really packs a punch! The pacing of this hard-hitting repeater allows you to fully appreciate each break. Each burst fully develops before the next one explodes without a long gap in between. Effects include gold glittering tails to red and blue dahlia, then to purple and blue dahlia, and finally to silver palms and silver glitter. Knuckle Sandwich is available for just $79.05 a case at wholesale.

After Hours

You will love the rapid-fire barrages of crossettes in this long-lasting, 45-shot, 500-gram repeater. Effects include gold willows to multicolored stars with silver glitter, and red and green crossettes, or with green glitter and orange crossettes, or with crackling flowers. After Hours is available for just $107.92 a case at wholesale.

Neutron Bomb

Neutron Bomb is sure to wow your audience with its streams of colorful comets, hard-hitting bouquets, flying fish and dazzling, crackling finale. This 36-shot, 500-gram repeater lasts right at 40 seconds and is available for just $89.96 a case at wholesale.

High Falutin’ and Bling Bling

We introduced High Falutin’ and Bling Bling as 2019 early arrivals in December of 2018. We started carrying these two fireworks in response to your feedback that you would like to see these items in our catalog. And while we can’t carry every firework that you request, we do listen to your suggestions, so please keep your suggestions coming!

You will be amazed how long High Falutin’ lasts! This a 49-shot, 500-gram repeater fires a display of red, green and blue tails to red, green and blue bouquets, alternating with silver, gold, and purple tails to silver glitter, gold willows or crackling. Crackling comet tails are followed by a 14-shot finale of crackling tails to crackling flowers. High Falutin’ is available for just $39.94 at retail or $79.84 a case at wholesale.

The loud, whistling revelry and flying fish in Bling Bling are sure to make this one of your new favorite repeaters. This 36-shot, 200-gram repeater featuring several barrages of whistling snakes and fish with purple, red, blue and white stars. That’s followed by red and green bouquets with time delay crackle and a 6-shot finale of crackling palms. Bling Bling is available for just $15.78 at retail or $92.92 at wholesale.

Other New-for-2019 Items

These are just a few of the new-for-2019 fireworks for you to consider for your upcoming Memorial Day and 4th of July shows. Be sure to check out the many other sensational new products from SFX Fireworks (including the exciting new Show Line show builder lineup), The Great American Fireworks Co., Magnus, and TopGun. To stay up-to-date on all of our new product announcements, be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media.

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