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SFX Show Line Fireworks

Introducing SFX Show Line Fireworks

Are your backyard fireworks displays more elaborate than your neighbors? Do other fireworks in the area pause while yours are shooting off? Do you consider yourself a show builder? Then you need SFX Show Line Fireworks. This brand-new line is specifically designed to give you pro-style effects and complete control over every detail of your fireworks display, helping you take your pyro-creativity to a whole new level.

Use Your Existing Gear

One of things you will love about the new Show Line products is they do not require special hardware or igniters to use them. All Show Line products are fused and classified as 1.4G Consumer Fireworks, so you can use whatever your preferred ignition method is for any Show Line item. However, having an electrical firing system can significantly help with the timing and precision of your show. This is especially true when using single-shot comets and mines.

Single Shot Comets and Mines

Perhaps the most exciting products in the new Show Line offering are the single-shot comets and mines. These single-shot effects allow you to have more precise control over what fires when in your show. And if you have an electrical firing system, these products will really allow your system to shine.

Also, these shells are fired from a standard 1.75″ launch tube. The benefit to this design is that you can use your existing mortar tubes and racks instead of having to buy or build additional hardware to support them.

SFX Show Line currently has two different comet kits and two different mine kits to choose from. The Color Comets and Color Mines are color-matched to each other, as are the Glittering Comets and Glittering Willow Mines. The Glittering Comets and Glittering Willow Mines are also color-matched to the Show Line Titanium Willow artillery kit. Of course, mixing and matching them as you see fit is perfectly fine as well!

Color Comets

Each Color Comets shell features a tail with different colored stars. Colors include: Blue, Purple, Green, Gold Crackle, Red and Gold.

Color Mines

Each Color Mines shell features a different color. Color include: Blue, Red, Green, Crackling, Purple, and Multi-Color (Red, Green, Blue, Gold, and Purple).

Glittering Comets

Each pack of Glittering Comets contains two each of Gold, Red, and Green glittering, strobing comets.

Glittering Willow Mines

Each pack of Glittering Willow Mines contains two each of Red, Green, and Gold glittering, strobing mines.

Premium 500-gram Repeaters

As a show builder, you demand the very best. SFX Show Line delivers high-end repeaters with quality effects that you can’t get with other 500-gram products. SFX Show Line currently has two premium 500-gram repeaters to choose from:

54-Shot “W” Finale

The 54-Shot “W” Finale fires a steady stream of V-shaped brocade comets, crackling mines, and color tails to color bursts with glitter. This adds an intense “wow” moment that’s perfect in any finale, especially when several are shot together.

Color Rings with Horsetail Pistils

The Color Rings with Horsetail Pistils is a 9-shot finale rack offering a distinct show element with perfectly-formed rings and stunning, glittering horsetail pistils. Trust us, this is not your typical NOAB!

Hand-Picked Artillery

The three Titanium Willow shells within Hammer of Thunder have been so popular that SFX Fireworks released a Show Line Titanium Willow kit. Now you can stop digging through Hammer of Thunder boxes hunting for these shells. Amaze your crowd this 4th of July with an incredible barrage of Titanium Willows for your finale! Also, don’t forget, these shells are also color-matched to pair perfectly with the Glittering Comets and Glittering Willow Mines kits.

Demo Video Coming Soon

We are just as excited about SFX Show Line as you are! We are currently working on a show design to showcase these great items and will share video as soon as we can. To ensure you’re one of the first to see it, subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media for updates. In the meantime, if you have any questions about Show Line, please email us at or call us at 904-213-0615.

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