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Why Buy from Superior Fireworks

Why Choose Superior Fireworks

At Superior Fireworks, we love serving our local community hands-on at our store in Orange Park, FL. We know there are a lot of local options for buying fireworks, from nationwide chain stores to roadside tents and grocery store displays, so we work hard every day to set ourselves apart and provide the best shopping experience and value for everyone who walks through our door.

One of the biggest ways we operate differently from other fireworks companies is through our pricing structure. When you visit our store or shop on our website, you’ll find low everyday prices and easy-to-understand discounts. As simple and sensible as this sounds, it can actually make it extremely difficult to compare to the inflated prices and convoluted discount schemes offered by our competitors.

If you want Buy This Get That on certain days, coupon cutting, tracking specially priced items, spending enough to get freebies, keeping track of the flyer because you have to show it in person, and joining special programs… then maybe we’re not the store for you. But if you want to get the same or better value for your money without all that hassle, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for!

As you get ready to shop around and compare prices this 4th of July, we want to share a few tips about the most common fireworks offers you are likely to encounter, how you can become a savvier fireworks shopper, and why you should buy from us!

THEM: “Buy One Get One Free”

US: Every Day Prices Less than Their “BOGO” Price

This is the most common pricing tactic you will encounter while shopping for fireworks and EVERYBODY seems to expect it when they come to our store. After all, who doesn’t like to get something for free? However, the truth behind this deal is that the prices of all the items included in the offer are simply doubled. We can point to example after example of items for $200 “BOGO” somewhere else when it’s just $80 here, or $100 there and $40 here. Our prices are already lower before we even run sales!

Sometimes prices are increased even further so they can advertise a discount of 60%, 70% or more. It makes the sale sound compelling, but it’s not really delivering a better out-the-door value for the customer.

What’s worse is when these deals expire and they charge the full, inflated prices–OUCH!

We do offer discounts, but our offers are more reasonable and reflect our everyday low prices. When we offer you 20% off, you can be assured it is a true 20% off the product’s normally low price. This is not to say you won’t find mind-blowing discounts in our store, like our seasonal Red Tag specials up to 40% off. When you see those, grab them before they’re gone!

THEM: Free Bonus Items

US: Buy Exactly What You Want and Still Save Money

Another common pricing strategy you will encounter is free bonus items for spending a certain dollar amount. Often, the more you spend, the more items they add for free. On the surface, this seems like a very enticing deal. Again, who doesn’t like free stuff? However, the cost of the free item is just built into the price of the other fireworks. So if you don’t spend enough to get the freebie, you are just overpaying on everything else. Often, you are limited to a small selection of bonus items to choose from, and to get the “good stuff,” you have to spend A LOT.

Of course, we want to encourage you to spend more with us, too, but we take a different approach. By offering you the very best everyday prices, you naturally save more compared to the competition no matter how large or small your budget. And you get to pick exactly the items you want!

THEM: Military Discount (Instead of…)

US: Military Discount (In Addition to…)

Many places of business now offer a military or first responder discount. Fireworks stores are no exception and we often hear of discounts as high as 50%! However, we find that the military discount often does not apply to other sales and offers. So really, it’s the same discount as Buy One Get One Free, which in many cases, you would get anyway.

We are proud to offer our military and first responders a true discount of 15% off their purchases with a valid ID. Even better, this discount will stack on top of most other offers. The only exception we have to that is our seasonal Red Tag sales, which run a steep 40% off and don’t combine with other discounts. But if we’re running a storewide 20% off like our July 4th Early Sale, military and first responders actually get 35% off!

THEM: Seasonal Customer Service

US: Seasoned Customer Service

If you are still reading, you are interested in something beyond price and customer service is where we shine. We love fireworks and our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you any way they can. So, go ahead, ask us! And, unlike most tents and seasonal fireworks stores, we are open year-round. This allows us to service you after the sale and help you with all your other celebrations throughout the year.

The Clear Choice

There’s really no comparing — you’ll love shopping at our amazing store and meeting our friendly staff while saving tons of money on your favorite fireworks!

Get store hours and directions on our website and visit us soon for a fantastic shopping experience and the best fireworks for your next celebration!

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