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Fall Fireworks Production Update 2020

Fall Fireworks Production and Shipping Update

The New Year’s fireworks season is well underway and we have a lot to share about the state of production, shipping, and fireworks availability for the rest of the year. Matt breaks it all down in this update video:

Fireworks Production

Factories got up to a fairly normal start to the fall production season, so we’ve made good progress on new fireworks for the 2021 season and have brought in a lot of inventory. However, the entire fireworks industry is still recovering from an overwhelming 4th of July and inventory is extremely low nationwide. From the time factories come off heat break in September until products have to load and ship in late October, there’s not enough time to restock everything that’s needed. Assortments are especially troublesome since they require so many items to be made before they can be completed, so availability is almost non-existent for New Year’s.

New Regulations

As some of you may have already heard, China CIQ, roughly equivalent to our DOT, issued new rules that any firework with a tube diameter greater than 1.2″ require additional packaging in a steel mesh cage in order to be shipped as 1.4G explosives. At this time, we have no plans to bring in any products packed in cages and you do not need to worry about this in any orders for the New Year’s season. This issue will impact many large-bore repeaters, especially finale racks. There is currently a temporary hold on this requirement for items under 2″ in diameter and we are producing as much as possible through the end of November. We’re also working on design and manufacturing possibilities for new production and will provide more information as it is available.

Shipping from China

There are two main shipping ports that ship fireworks from China to the US – Shanghai and Beihai. At the time of our video recording, both were closed to fireworks, disrupting fireworks shipping for several weeks. This cut off inventory that may have otherwise been able to arrive for New Year’s. However, we were expecting the ports to temporarily reopen, and this has now happened in Beihai. We are using this opportunity to bring in as much as we can for the start of 2021 but this is a dynamic situation and we will provide an update in January.

Bottom Line – Shop Now for the Best Availability

All of this paints a clear picture that if you need fireworks for New Year’s, the time to buy them is right now. Our website has an up-to-the-minute list of available inventory, including several items available for pre-order that will be arriving over the next several weeks. Those are our final shipments before New Year’s. Everything you see on our website is everything that will be available, so don’t delay! We’re getting new orders every day from customers around the country who are being turned away by their normal suppliers, so inventory will sell fast through the next few weeks.

Follow Us for Future Updates

We’re following all of this very closely and plan to provide another update in January. Follow us for the latest!

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