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Early Ship Sale at Superior Fireworks

10% Early Ship Sale

Our 10% Early Ship Sale is here, giving you an extra 10% off your wholesale fireworks order! It couldn’t be any easier — simply place your order by March 1 and take delivery by April 30th. Our website is now offering a wide selection of fireworks for pre-order that we expect to arrive by the end of April to give you as wide a selection as possible, including many new items for 2021. Here’s how it all works:

10% Early Ship Sale Plus Volume Discounts

Orders placed from February 1 through March 1 get 10% off, which stacks on top of our existing volume discounts! You could get:

  • A 20% total discount for orders between $2,000 and $3,999.
  • A 25% total discount for orders $4,000 or more.

If you’re a reseller, this may apply differently to your pricing. Be sure to contact your sales representative for details.

Best Selection and New Fireworks for 2021

On top of the discounts, shopping early gets you the absolute best selection for the fireworks season and first pick of many new items for 2021. Early shopping is even more important this season due to availability challenges from industry-wide product shortages. We talked about this in a recent blog post and you can read more about that here.

Despite these challenges, we have a lot of shipments on the way and most of our new 2021 items are available for pre-order on our website. We have also added dozens of new items to our website, so make sure you order those as soon as possible!

SHIPPING UPDATE 2/2: Good news! We received word that Beihai will re-open for fireworks shipments after Chinese New Year and we have begun scheduling shipments from that port. This has allowed us to make some additional items available for pre-order.

New Fireworks for 2021

We’re extremely excited about our new fireworks line-up for 2021. Here’s a quick look at a few of our favorites:


One of the hottest effects in recent years is lace, and that’s the featured effect in this new 500-gram repeater from SFX Fireworks called Afterglow. It fires 5 bursts of 5 shots each with colorful stars followed by that beautiful “afterglow” lace effect!


Neon Cosmic Rain

Neon Cosmic Rain features angled shots of double silk crackling crowns with glitter, then rapid-fire blasts of colorful stars with vibrant falling leaves that have amazing hang time.


Rotary Cannon

Say hello to one of our favorite new releases this year — Rotary Cannon! Rotary Cannon features 668 continuous shots of chrysanthemum crackle, lasting a total of 40 seconds. Add a few to your show to complement one of our new repeaters or light it on it’s own for a great display!



We’ve finally done it — we’re offering our first-ever 6″ artillery shell! That would be ridiculous for a single-break shell, of course, so UXO is a high-end double-break shell kit with an awesome variety of effects! Plus, these shells hit hard! You’ll definitely want to check them out.


Blue Mine to Sizzling Palm with Red Strobe

We’re also expanding our popular SFX Show Line offerings with several awesome new items, including this all-new 500-gram repeater, Blue Mine to Sizzling Palm with Red Strobe. As the name suggests, this fast-paced repeater has blue mines and sizzling palm breaks with red strobe effects. With 24 shots in about 10 seconds, it delivers a powerful punch to your fireworks show.


What Are You Waiting For?

Start shopping now to take advantage of Early Ship Sale pricing and pre-orders while they last!

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