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Fireworks Production and Shipping Update - January 2021

Winter Fireworks Production Update

We’re off to a fast start this year with a lot going on as we gear up for the start of our Early Ship Sale on February 1! As promised, Matt is bringing the latest news impacting fireworks production, pricing, and availability as you start planning your next wholesale order:

Fireworks Production

Starting off with some good news, we just completed a very busy round of production and factories are now winding down operations heading into Chinese New Year. Some items are already loading into containers right now, while others already have vessel space booked and are just waiting to be loaded in a few weeks! Production is scheduled to restart in mid-February.

Early Ship Sale

As we recently announced, our Early Ship Sale starts February 1, giving wholesale customers an extra 10% off their orders through February 28. We expect much better selection for the sale this year than last year and we will also be shipping orders much earlier. Ongoing shipping delays last year prevented many orders from shipping until May or June, but this year, we expect everything to leave our warehouse by the end of April at the latest. In fact, depending on what products you order, it may ship in March or even February.

This year, we’ll require a 50% deposit on orders with the balance due at the time it ships. As always, the 10% discount stacks on top of our existing volume discounts:

  • 10% Early Ship Sale + 10% Volume Discount at $2,000 = 20% Total Discount
  • 10% Early Ship Sale + 15% Volume Discount at $4,000 = 25% Total Discount

2022 Pricing Updates

All pricing has been updated for products that will be available during the Early Ship Sale. You’ll see these items on our website already in stock or marked “Coming Soon.” Any items that still show “Sold Out” will not be available for preorder and may not have updated pricing yet. As we covered in the November update, there’s a lot of pricing pressure from rising shipping costs, so we need to wait until we get a booked shipment to know what it will cost and how that will impact the price.

If shipping rates continue to climb during the spring, we may have to raise prices accordingly, but this will not affect any orders that have already been placed at that time. That said, shipping costs do seem to have hit a plateau and we don’t expect major increases this spring. We don’t expect them to go down, either.

Product Availability

This year, we are not offering any items for pre-order unless they are already on the water or have a booked shipping date. All told, we expect about 70% of our total catalog to be available at the start of February, although that may change later into the month if items begin to sell out.

The remaining 30% or so that will not be available are mostly from Brothers, World Class, and Cutting Edge. Those fireworks are shipping from a different port in China than the rest of our inventory and they are facing some logistical challenges. We have plenty of containers ready to go from them, but so far they haven’t booked any shipments for us and there’s no clear guidance on when this will be worked out. At the moment, we’re planning for those items to arrive late.

Get Ready to Place Your Early Ship Order

That wraps up another fireworks production update, and we’re excited to kick off the 4th of July season here in a few days with our Early Ship Sale. If you haven’t already, head over to our website to check out the latest products and pricing and start planning your order for February 1. There are a lot of great new products for 2022 that we can’t wait for you to see!

If you have any questions about products, the Early Ship Sale, or ordering wholesale fireworks in general, feel free to reach out to our team at 904-213-0615 or and we’ll be happy to help!

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