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Red Tag Sale


Save 20% storewide during our July 4th Early Sale and 40% off Red Tag items.

All of the items listed below are Red Tag items at 40% off while they last!

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Red Tag Sale
$15.33 $9.20
The Great American Value Pack includes 4 great fountains with assorted effects. Each one is a tribute to past presidents featured on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial:
  • George Washington: Blue, red, and yellow pearls with white glitter chrysanthemum
  • Thomas Jefferson: Green sparkle; red with white glitter chrysanthemum; red, green, and white glitter
  • Teddy Roosevelt: Golden glitter, yellow and white sparkle, red pearls with titanium crackle
  • Abe Lincoln: Blue and yellow pearls with silver crackle and white glitter chrysanthemum
Duration 40 Seconds Size 12 x 3 x 8 in.
Red Tag Sale
$15.13 $9.08
Silver strobing mines to color stars with a lace finish to each shot, with a 2-shot finale.
Colors Duration 15 Seconds Shots 10 Size 5 x 5 x 7 in.
Red Tag Sale

One if by Land

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$54.87 $32.92
One if by Land features 15 shots of fine, golden palms with touches of green strobe, crackling, white strobe, and sky blue stars.
Colors Duration 40 Seconds Shots 15 Size 12 x 9.25 x 9 in.
Red Tag Sale
$4.37 $2.62
A patriotic display featuring 10 shots of red, white, and blue stars.
Colors Shots 10 Size 4 x .75 x 17.50 in.
Red Tag Sale
$6.76 $4.06
40 packs of 16 firecrackers from The Great American Fireworks Co.
Red Tag Sale


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$19.91 $11.95
Cannonade blasts 88 rapid-fire shots of red and white strobe with blue stars!
Colors Duration 30 Seconds Shots 88 Size 3.75 x 3.75 x 22 in.
Red Tag Sale
$25.94 $15.56
Rapid Fire features 2 candles each, of 4 different effects, and a launching tube. Effects include:
  • Crackling tails to reports
  • Crackling comets with assorted color heads
  • Green comet with double reports
  • Silver whistling tail to crackling report
Shots 5 Unit 8 per pack
Red Tag Sale
$29.90 $17.94
SFX Magnum Artillery shells offer 12 high-quality effects! Each 1.75" ball shell fires with a silver tail to a large, symmetrical break.
No. of Launchers 1 No. of Shells 12 Shell Diameter 1.75" Shell Style Ball Size 7 x 5 x 14.75 in.
Red Tag Sale
$49.80 $29.88
A great value bag with a sample of everything: artillery shells, a finale tube, repeater, missile battery and fountain.

Exact contents may vary.

Red Tag Sale

Give Me Liberty

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$34.51 $20.71
Give Me Liberty launches rows of red, white, and blue strobing mines; red, white, and blue strobing horse tails; and red, white, and blue strobing peonies.
Colors Duration 20 Seconds Shots 24 Size 11.25 x 8.50 x 7 in.
Red Tag Sale

American Creed

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$40.44 $24.26
American Creed is the perfect patriotic display! It launches 4 shots of red and blue glittering mines to red palm with blue pistil, followed by 4 silver glitter mines to gold willows with silver glitter pistils. The finale fires 4 red and blue mines to massive red, white, and blue breaks with silver glitter.
Colors Duration 35 Seconds Shots 12 Size 9.25 x 9.25 x 9 in.
Red Tag Sale

Color Rush

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$52.72 $31.63
Color Rush is an explosion of color! Each shot blasts a multi-color mine to a peony featuring mixes of blue, red, green, and yellow with glitter. The last three shots fire simultaneously for a grand finale!
Colors Duration 25 Seconds Effects Glitter, Mine Shots 9 Size 10.50 x 10.50 x 9.25 in.
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