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SFX Fireworks

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Finish Strong

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2 Reviews
$58.99 ($29.50/Each)
Finish Strong delivers a finale-worthy display featuring volleys of colorful mines and comet tails to impressive aerial breaks: gold brocades with glitter, red peonies with glitter, blue peonies with crackle, and a chrysanthemum crackling finale.
Case Pack 2/1 Colors Duration 25 Seconds Shots 49 Units Per Case 2


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3 Reviews
$119.30 ($59.65/Each)
Countermeasures showcases a fan-shaped display of red, white, and blue tails to crackle, followed by a criss-crossing wall of red, green, and blue stars with comet tails, finishing with colorful peonies and huge breaks of time rain!
Case Pack 2/1 Colors Duration 30 Seconds Shots 228 Units Per Case 2
$71.35 ($23.78/Each)
Nighttime Spectacular delivers 5 volleys of 4 shots each featuring colorful, glittering breaks with horse tail pistils, finishing with a crackling time-rain finale.
Case Pack 3/1 Colors Duration 25 Seconds Shots 20 Units Per Case 3


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$69.40 ($34.70/Each)
Vendetta delivers four powerful volleys of layered effects. Each volley fires three shots of low-level and mid-level mines, plus two angled shots with massive aerial breaks. Effects include brocade crown, red and blue strobe, gold crackle, and blue stars with silver palm.
Case Pack 2/1 Colors Duration 25 Seconds Shots 20 Units Per Case 2

Patriotic Fanfare

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2 Reviews
$67.88 ($8.48/Each)
Patriotic Fanfare is a red, white, and blue celebration! This 350-gram repeater launches fan-shaped rows of 5 shots, boasting low-level mines with streaking gold tails that burst into color stars with time-rain crackle.
Case Pack 8/1 Colors Duration 20 Seconds Shots 25 Units Per Case 8

Escape Velocity

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1 Review
$52.06 ($26.03/Each)
Escape Velocity fires 6 fan-shaped volleys, each with 5 shots. It features multi-color mines and glitter to colored palms and dahlias with silver comet tails!
Case Pack 2/1 Colors Duration 25 Seconds Shots 30 Units Per Case 2
$66.70 ($0.93/Pack)
This pack of 72 star-shaped sparklers is perfect for any celebration! Simply light them at the tip and enjoy the golden sparkle as it burns down both sides of the star.
Case Pack 6/12/6 Colors Duration 45 Seconds Units Per Case 72

Full Bore

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$59.26 ($3.29/Pack)
A 4-pack of powerful 5-ball Roman candles with assorted effects:
  • Crackling
  • Gold Glitter Willow
  • Red with Silver Glitter
  • Brocade Crown
Case Pack 18/4 Shots 5 Units Per Case 18
A premium, 2-sided feather flag with "SFX Sold Here" text. The flag is roughly 16 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide, with an 18-foot fiberglass pole. The ground stake allows easy swiveling in the wind. The set comes with the flag, support pole, ground stake and a carrying case.
$73.25 ($6.10/Each)
196 shots of assorted effects, including color pearls with report and crackle.
Case Pack 12/1 Colors Duration 40 Seconds Shots 196 Units Per Case 12

Electrical Overload

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$62.14 ($62.14/Each)
Electrical Overload blasts 182 zig-zagging shots of crackling comets with blue, purple and yellow stars, finishing with a brocade crown finale.
Case Pack 1/1 Colors Duration 25 Seconds Shots 182 Units Per Case 1

Bold City

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$97.08 ($24.27/Each)
Bold City delivers 6 bursts of 5 shots, featuring angled, sea-blue comets and gold, strobing mines to aerial breaks of golden strobe with colorful stars that alternate between green and red on each row. The final shots include delay-crackling mines to gold strobe with green and red stars.
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Duration 20 Seconds Shots 30 Units Per Case 4
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