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MJG Firewire Initiator
Code: LMJG

MJG Firewire Initiator

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The only ATF non-regulated initiator on the market. It delivers consistent, instant ignition and is a great alternative to talons and E-match. Available in two pack sizes: 80 initiators with 3-foot lead wires or 30 initiators with 10-foot lead wires.

Technical Specifications
Bridgewire Resistance 1 ohm ± .2 ohms
Maximum No-Fire Current 0.30 amp (300 milliamp)
Minimum All-Fire Current 0.60 amp (600 milliamp)
Recommended Minimum Firing Current 0.75 amp
Recommended Nominal Firing Current 1.00 amp
Maximum Test Current: 0.04 amp (40 milliamp)