500 Gram Repeaters

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Comet Storm

Shots: 45
Colors: Purple, Green, Gold
Duration: 20 Seconds
Description: Comet Storm blasts 5 rows of 9 shots, filling the sky with crackling mines, comet tails with purple and green stars, and large brocades with glitter!

Case Pack: 4
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Stop! Look! Listen!

Shots: 23
Colors: Red, Orange, Silver, Pink, Purple, Green
Duration: 45 Seconds
Description: Starting with large breaks of rose-red stars, orange palms with silver and green glitter; then a fan-fired burst of pink and green bursts with crackling; followed by purple palms with silver or green glitter. Three-shot finale of silver tails to rose-red stars with delayed crackle.

Case Pack: 4
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Publicity Stunt

Shots: 32
Colors: Gold
Duration: 30 Seconds
Description: Publicity Stunt unleashes golden tails to brocades and crackling tails to crackling bursts - mixing in several changes of pace before finishing with a five-shot finale of crackling tails to brocade with crackling.

Case Pack: 4
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Shots: 9
Duration: 30 seconds (each)
Description: Immortals is a mixed case of four 9-shot 500-gram repeaters with an incredible mix of colors and effects!

  • Zeus: Powerful color-changing breaks with colored pistils, followed by a powerful 3-shot finale.
  • Prometheus: Blue mines to golden palms and colored pistils, leading up to a 3-shot finale.
  • Helios: Solid-color crackling mines to chrysanthemum breaks with a 3-shot finale.
  • Poseidon: Two alternating effects with color mines to multi-color breaks, plus a 3-shot finale.

Case Pack: 1/4
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Color Rush

Shots: 9
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Duration: 30 seconds
Description: Color Rush is an explosion of color! Each shot blasts a multi-color mine to a peony featuring mixes of blue, red, green, and yellow with glitter. The last three shots fire simultaneously for a grand finale!

Case Pack: 4
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American Creed

Shots: 12
Colors: Red, Blue, Silver, Gold
Duration: 35 seconds
Description: American Creed is the perfect patriotic display! It launches 4 shots of blue mine to red palm with blue pistil, followed by 4 silver glitter mines to gold willows with silver glitter pistils. The finale fires 4 red and blue mines to massive red, white, and blue breaks with silver glitter.

Case Pack: 4
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Future Warrior

Shots: 9
Colors: Red, Green
Description: Nine shots with golden tails to a red and green palm, with alternating glitter or delay crackle on every other shot. It finishes with a two-shot finale with crackle.

Case Pack: 6
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Sweet Spot

Shots: 30
Colors: Red, Green, Silver, Pink, Purple, Yellow
Duration: 30 seconds
Description: An awesome mix of colors and effects. It shoots the first 6 shots individually, then fires off a 18-shot barrage capped off with a 6-shot finale.

Case Pack: 4
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Funky World

Shots: 40
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Silver
Description: Funky World fires 6 volleys of brilliant colors and lots of effects. It features colored mines, pistils, glitter, fish... Something for everyone!

Case Pack: 4
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We Want You

Shots: 12
Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, White
Duration: 20 seconds
Description: This 12-shot repeater gives you three different types of effects: red, blue, and yellow breaks with green glitter; red, yellow, blue, and purple breaks with white glitter; and a gold spide with blue stars plus green and gold glitter. The finale is a 3-shot combination of multi-color breaks with glitter and delay crackle.

Case Pack: 4
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Fighting Rooster

Shots: 30
Colors: Red, Blue, Green, White, Gold
Description: Fighting Rooster churns out shots in quick succession, with a 2-layer barrage of gold, crackling mines up to multi-color bursts (blue, green, and red) with white glittering. The final 5 shots blast off at once for a nice finale!

Case Pack: 4
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High Voltage

Shots: 25
Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
Description: 25 shots of vibrant red, green, yellow, and blue mines to red, green, yellow, and blue breaks with white glitter. It shoots 3 alternating rounds of 5 rapid-fire shots, then 3 simultaneously, with a 4-shot finale.

Case Pack: 4
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