500 Gram Repeaters

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Sea to Shining Sea

Shots: 113
Colors: Red, Purple, Green, Gold, Blue & Silver
Description: Sea to Shining Sea, bursts into action with a sweeping barrage of whistling, silver comet tails; followed by a barrage of crisscrossing color comets; finishing with 3 huge blue color bursts with silver glitter!

Case Pack: 1
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Mr. Bigger

Shots: 53
Colors: Red, Green, Gold
Description: Mr. Bigger, starts with step-fired rows of alternating red and green mines with delay-crackle. The finale features red comet tails bursting into crackling, red and green color breaks!

Case Pack: 4
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Grave Digger

Shots: 30
Colors: Green, Red, Gold
Description: Grave Digger fires a 2-level effect with quick-paced brocade crown mines up to brocade crown breaks with red & green tips.

Case Pack: 4
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Customary Enforcer

Shots: 75
Colors: Gold, Red, Green, Blue
Description: We're not gonna lie, Customary Enforcer is a weird name for a firework; however, its performance more than makes up for its odd name. This cake rips back & forth with quick volleys of crossettes, horse tails, falling leaves, and multi-color breaks. A great finale piece!

Case Pack: 2
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Smokin' Hot

Shots: 30
Colors: Gold, Green, Blue, Red
Description: Smokin' Hot blazes through it's 30 shot payload, sweeping back & forth with color palm breaks and glitter! The final row features crackling gold brocades. A great finale piece!

Case Pack: 4
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America's Celebration

Shots: 12 (2" Shells)
Colors: Red, White, & Blue
Description: America's Celebration features 12 shots of massive Red, White, & Blue bursts - finishing with a huge 3-shot finale!

Case Pack: 4
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One Bad Mother

Shots: 16
Colors: Gold
Description: 16 shots of huge gold willows, alternating with breaks of delay-crackling. This is an awesome effect!

Case Pack: 4
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Shots: 180
Colors: Red, Green, Gold
Description: 180 fan-fired shots of golden waterfalls with colored tips. Fires in rows from the center outwards (both right and left) creating a wall of fire! Not a very loud item, but an awesome effect!

Case Pack: 2
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American Rhythm

Shots: 156
Colors: Red, White, Blue, Gold
Description: American Rhythm unleashes alternating rows of red, white, and blue comets - sweeping back & forth in a "Z" pattern. For a finale, the last six shots fire simultaneously, breaking into gold willows!

Case Pack: 1
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Get Some

Shots: 9
Colors: Gold
Description: Nine 2" shells break into beautiful brocade crowns with white strobe.

Case Pack: 4
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Combat Zone

AKA Cutting Edge Battle Zone

Shots: 210
Colors: Red, Green
Description: Combat Zone displays a furious barrage of 210 criss-crossing red and green comets!

Case Pack: 2
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Knock Out Assortment

Shots: 36
Colors: Red, Silver, Green, Blue
Description: This assorted case includes one each of four rapid-fire, 36-shot repeaters with a variety of effects:

  • Knock Out: A series of red, silver, and green comets, colored tails to palms, blur stars with fish, then red and green comet tails to time rain.
  • Black Eye: Crackling tails to a mix of red and green peonies with time rain, then crackling tails to red and green palms
  • Out Cold: Whistling tails to alternating red, green, and purple palms with glitter
  • Fat Lip: Whistling tails to red and green palms, with a big chrysanthemum finale

Case Pack: 1 set of 4
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