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The Wow Factor

Description: This massive assortments features a collection of incredible items for a complete show! You get a variety of reloadable shells, including canisters, double breaks, and triple breaks. You also get a lineup of Boomer 16-shot 200-gram repeaters, along with a half-dozen of our favorite 500-gram repeaters.

Case Pack: 1
$278.31 Out of Stock


Description: One of the largest assortments we carry - 13 cakes with at least 200 grams of powder, 8 500-gram cakes, and 46 total artillery shells!

Case Pack: 1
$429.98 Out of Stock

4th of July Backpack

Description: A fun assortment of assorted novelty items conveniently packed in a backpack. The pack includes a great selection of classic items like: tanks, hen laying egg, and even an aircraft carrier!

Case Pack: 10
$109.91 Add to Cart

Rocket Time

Not Available for 2017

Description: This assortment comes with 29 assorted Boomer brand bottle rockets and 3 aerial spinners.

Case Pack: 18
$89.42 Out of Stock

Rocket Assault

Not Available for 2017

Description: An assortment of rockets with different sizes and effects - everything from small, bottle rockets to large sky rockets. 72 rockets total (including 36 small, bottle rockets).

Case Pack: 6
$86.62 Out of Stock
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