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USA Rockets

Description: USA Rockets includes 9 artillery-style breaks with assorted colors and effects.

Case Pack: 12/9
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Description: Skybolt is a quality set of 5 different rockets:

  • Multicolored palms
  • Double rings
  • Red rings with silver pistil
  • Green rings with crackling
  • Gold palm with delay crackling

Case Pack: 24/5
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Jet Screamer

Description: Contrary to the name of these rockets, Jet Screamer rockets do not actually have any whistle. They are however, some of our best rockets. Jet Screamers fly high and break hard into artillery-style bursts of red wave, gold willow, and brocade effects.

Case Pack: 16/7
$120.32 Out of Stock

Parachute Rocket

Description: This rocket shoots into the air before bursting into a parachute with a green flare.

Case Pack: 96/6
$90.05 Out of Stock

Glitterous Lights Rockets

Description: Glitterous Lights rockets fly into the air with a fiery tail and produce a white glittering effect in the sky.

Case Pack: 72/6
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Butterfly Rockets

Description: This rocket fires into the air and displays multi-color stars.

Case Pack: 72/6
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Clustering Bees

Description: Shoots up and showers dancing gold bees.

Case Pack: 72/6
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Whistling Moon Travelers

Description: Screaming rockets with report.

Case Pack: 20/12/12
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Light 'em Up

Description: Light 'em Up is a 4-pack of artillery rockets. Each rocket features a hard break, and outstanding effects including: gold willows, gold chrysanthemums, silver chrysanthemums, and gold brocades!

Case Pack: 24
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Double Ring Shell Rockets

Description: Double Ring rockets streak into the air, and burst into two, different color rings!

  • Red Ring / Green Ring
  • Yellow Ring / Red Ring
  • Green Ring / Yellow Ring
  • Purple Ring / Yellow Ring

Case Pack: 24/4
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Magical Wizard

Description: Magical Wizard rockets streak into the sky with a fiery tail and burst into color with a loud break! Each pack has 6 rockets.

Case Pack: 30
$98.79 Out of Stock

Smiling From Ear To Ear

Description: 1.5" artillery rockets that burst into "smiley faces."

Case Pack: 20/5
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