Roman Candles

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Full Bore

Shots: 5
Description: A 4-pack of powerful 5-ball Roman candles with assorted effects:

  • Crackling
  • Gold Glitter Willow
  • Red with Silver Glitter
  • Brocade Crown

Case Pack: 18/4
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Cosmic Tails

Shots: 5
Description: Cosmic Tails is a 5-pack of 5-ball Roman candles featuring silver comet tails to assorted effects.

  • Red Comet with Tail
  • Green Comet with Tail
  • Gold Comet with Tail
  • Crackling Comet with Tail
  • Glittering Comet with Tail

Case Pack: 18/5
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Roman Candle Assortment

Shots: 10
Description: This Roman candle assortment contains 2 each of 6 different 10-shot Roman candles: Red and Green Stars, Red and Green Star with Report, Crackling Candle, Blue Star Candle, Red and Green Crackling Candle, and Silver Tail Candle.

Case Pack: 12/12
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The Classic Roman Candle

Shots: 10
Description: The classic, 10-ball Roman candle featuring alternating shots of red and green stars.

Case Pack: 24/6
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Across the States

Shots: 5
Description: A powerful set of Roman candles containing 2 each of 4 different 5-ball candles:

  • Top Gun - Alternating red and Green color breaks
  • Big Shot - Whistling tail to loud, crackle burst
  • Giant Typhoon - Red tail to silver tourbillons
  • Blue Blood - Intense, blue color breaks

Case Pack: 8/8
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Sparkling Falls

Shots: 10
Colors: Gold
Description: This unique roman candle shoots 10 shots of a crackling gold brocade crown mine.

Case Pack: 36/4
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Boomer 10 Ball Roman Candle

Shots: 10
Description: This roman candle offers 10 shots of alternating brilliant color for a great price!

Case Pack: 24/6
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Balls of Fire

Shots: 210
Description: Balls of Fire unleashes a barrage of 210 shots of various colors. There's a spike at the bottom so you can secure it in the ground before lighting.

Case Pack: 12
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Beyond The Glory

Shots: 8
Description: Two candles each of four different effects:

  • Blue and white glitter with blue tail
  • Red and white glitter with blue tail.
  • Silver Fish and crackling pistil with blue tail.
  • Silver fish and blue pearls with blue tail.

Case Pack: 8/8
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Tommy Gun

Shots: 8
Description: Tommy Gun features 2 candles each, of 4 different effects, and a launching tube. Effects include:

  • Crackling tails to reports
  • Crackling comets with assorted color heads
  • Green comet with double reports
  • Silver whistling tail to crackling report

Case Pack: 8/8
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Flashing Thunder

Shots: 10
Description: Flashing Thunder candles are one of the most appropriately named fireworks ever. These candles fire 10 shots - no colors - just a white flash with a loud report.

Case Pack: 24/6
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Red, White, & Blue Candle

Shots: 10
Description: Shots Per Candle: 10
Description & Effects: These candles feature 10 shots of red, white, and blue comets with tails!

Case Pack: 24/6
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