10% off all wholesale orders now through February 28.

Announcement: We’re transitioning all of our customers to wholesale.

Today we announce the beginning of a new era for Superior Fireworks — we’re transitioning all of our customers to wholesale.

You don’t have to be a reseller, a business, or even have your order shipped to a commercial address. We’re offering the same convenience of buying your favorite fireworks online and having them shipping directly to your door. It’s just WAY more value for your fireworks budget.

Plus, we’re also adjusting the effective minimum order for wholesale orders. Instead of a $1,000 order subtotal, you can now place orders with a $1,000 grand total. It probably doesn’t seem like much, but freight and taxes add anywhere from $160 - $250 to a minimum order, so this change makes it a little easier to get to the minimum order threshold.

As part of this transition, we know there will be lots of questions, and we want to help answer as many as possible right up front. If you have any questions not addressed here, we encourage you to call us at 904-213-0615 and we’ll help you in any way we can.

Can I still order retail fireworks online if I want?

We will still offer online retail orders for pickup at our Orange Park, FL warehouse, and will continue to open our warehouse for retail sales each year around July 4th and New Years. However, we are no longer shipping retail fireworks orders.


Shipping costs get more expensive every year. We've never charged retail customers the full freight rate for their order, because we knew it was important for the shipping costs to be a reasonable percentage of the total purchase. As those costs continue to rise, it erodes the value proposition of our online retail division. No one wants to pay $100 in shipping for $150 of fireworks.

How can I get enough variety in my show if a wholesale order includes full cases of each item?

This is an excellent question, which is why we've discussed it at length amongst our staff. Keep in mind that our wholesale product selection is exactly the same as what we’ve offered at retail, so you won’t be limited by the types of products available. That said, here are a few strategies that can help you get great variety with a wholesale order:

  • Look for items with a small case pack. Finale racks only have two items per case, and most 500 gram repeaters only have 3 or 4.
  • Buy mixed cases. Some products, like Knockout , Biggest and Brightest, or our Cutting Edge Artillery 3-pack (to name a few) have several different items or effects in the same case.
  • Buy assortments. The larger ones are only 1 or 2 assortments per case, and they offer a ton of variety.
  • Smaller items like rockets and roman candles can be a bigger challenge because they generally have high case counts. However, you can always rotate which items you buy each year and mix it up over time.
  • Split your order with friends and family. Buying as a group and dividing up the fireworks is a perfect way to ensure that everyone gets a good variety for their shows.

How many items come in each case?

The case lot varies by product, but generally-speaking, larger or heavier products have fewer items per case. We clearly designate the case pack on each product listing, but it can be a little confusing on some items depending on how they’re packed. Some items simply say “Case Pack: 4” if they have 4 items in a case. This is common in finale racks and repeaters. However, a product like Screaming Cracklers says “Case Pack: 72/12.” This means that there are 72 packs of rockets, and each pack contains 12 individual rockets. A brick of firecrackers is packed as 12/80/16, which means it has 12 bricks, each one with 80 packs of 16 individual firecrackers.

How much does shipping cost? Retail orders had free shipping over $500.

Freight rates can vary by destination and weight, but we provide a price in your shopping cart so you know exactly what it will cost before checking out. Typically, an order near our minimum will cost about $160 for commercial delivery, and around $200 for residential. We don’t offer a free shipping promotion since wholesale pricing already provides so much of a discount relative to our retail pricing, plus wholesale orders are eligible for additional volume discounts starting at $1500.

Can I still have my order delivered to my house?

Absolutely! Delivering to a commercial address or terminal pickup will be cheaper, but wholesale orders have the same shipping options available as retail orders. The only difference is that your order will arrive on a pallet.

Are wholesale orders limited to business customers?

Not at all! We serve many individuals, families, and groups that buy in bulk for huge savings on their annual fireworks purchases. We don’t require any business ID, contracts, or commitments. However, we do work closely with our reseller customers since they can have different needs. If that’s you, you’re welcome to call us with any questions you might have about using us as your wholesaler.

What do I do if I have fireworks left over after the 4th?

Keep them for New Years! Fireworks can be stored for a long time. Just keep them in a dry location away from any sources of sparks or flame. We’re sure you’ll find excuses throughout the year to celebrate something with fireworks, like Flag Day, or Columbus Day, or Star Wars Day... You get the idea.

I don’t usually buy enough fireworks to meet the wholesale minimum. What options do I have?

We understand that this change will not be an option for everyone, but we do have a few thoughts that may help:

  • If you typically buy fireworks multiples times per year, consolidate your orders into one larger purchase.
  • Coordinate a “group buy” with family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers.

Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns not mentioned here.

Give us a call with any questions and we'll be happy to help: 904-213-0615. You can also email us any time at sales@superiorfireworks.com.