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New for 2017: Winda Fireworks

New for 2017! Winda Fireworks

This year we’re proud to announce that we’ve added select products from Winda Fireworks to our line-up. You might recognize the brand, because Winda has built a reputation for offering stand-out fireworks. In fact, customers have been asking for certain Winda products by name, which is why we decided to bring their label to Superior Fireworks.

Echo in the Ear: A Max-Load Value

You asked; we delivered. Echo in the Ear is here with a six-pack of max-load shells that gives you all the color, sound and altitude you’re looking for.

Echo in the Ear, Winda Fireworks, Superior Fireworks

Echo in the Ear’s canister shells exhibit the kind of powerful report that lives up to its name. Your ears will definitely ring after you witness each shell breaking into big, golden brocades with glitter and crackle.

This shell kit offers great value, too. A case of 12 is around $170 before discounts. For us, the combination of huge report, beautiful effects and value was too hard to pass up.

Echo in the Ear should be one of our best-selling canister-shell kits this year, so make sure you put in your order soon. All wholesale orders will receive a 5% discount if made on or before March 31.

More Winda is on the Way

We’re committed to bringing you best-of-breed products from across the industry, which is why we have plans to expand our Winda line with their best products each year. These will sit alongside quality fireworks from all the best brands: SFX Fireworks, Brothers, Cutting Edge, World Class and The Great American Fireworks Company.

In the meantime, check out everything new for 2017, including new Winda products, on our website!

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