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New for 2017: Believe

Believe: A New World Class Finale Rack for 2017

Fourth of July is your chance to, as the old saying goes, go big or go home.

Believe, a finale rack from World Class Fireworks, is hitting our shelves for the first time this year and it’s the kind of item that adds the scale, sound and massive breaks that give you just the right amount of bravado you’re looking for.

What Makes Believe Great

Finale racks are meant to punctuate the end of your show with breaks that are bigger and louder than everything else that came before them.

Believe certainly honors the genre with nine shots of enormous brocade breaks that get serious altitude and provide huge visual effects — they’re literally show-stoppers.

Those nine brocade breaks feature alternating red and green glitter that give way to rich, golden trails that slowly fade into the night.

As far as finale racks go, this is one of the best out there and we’re proud to have it on our shelves. This rack is now available as a case of 2 for only $101.94 before volume discounts on our wholesale website.

Other New-for-2017 Products

World Class’ Believe is the only new finale rack we have this year, but we also have dozens of other new products for you to choose from.

We have six new 500-gram repeaters from SFX Fireworks including Vendetta, one from The Great American Fireworks Co. (Give Me Liberty) and a pair of repeaters from Brothers, just to name a few.

This is also the first year we’re selling fireworks from Winda, most-notably their popular Echo in the Ear artillery shells.

All of this underscores our commitment to carry the best products from incredible brands, helping you shop with confidence as you build an unforgettable show!


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