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Countermeasures + Majestic Brocades Combination

SFX Countermeasures and SFX Majestic Brocades: The Perfect Fireworks Finale Combination

Every product we offer is designed to provide a fantastic display all on its own. However, to get that awe-inspiring, crowd-cheering finale, consider pairing two of them together, such as the SFX Countermeasures 500-gram repeater and SFX Majestic Brocades finale rack. Each of these fireworks has about a 30-second duration, making them perfect partners for your next fireworks show.

Complementing Performance

These two fireworks complement each other by fully illuminating different heights of the night sky. Countermeasures fills the low and middle sky while Majestic Brocades explodes in the higher sky above. Additionally, the smaller active and colorful pyrotechnic elements of Countermeasures are reinforced by the slower pace and much larger breaks from Majestic Brocades.


CountermeasuresCountermeasures is a 228-shot Z-style or “zipper” repeater (meaning the shots fire in a rapid, fan-shaped, side-to-side motion) loaded with 500 grams of pyrotechnic powder that will dazzle the audience with its fast-paced barrage of color and effects. The shots from this repeater will fill the lower and middle area of the sky starting with red, white, and blue tails to crackle, followed by a crisscrossing wall of red, green, and blue stars with comet tails, then finishing with colorful peonies and huge breaks of time rain.

Majestic Brocades

Majestic BrocadesMajestic Brocades is a finale rack that shoots nine massive shells high into the sky with thundering breaks of gold brocades and palms with elegant touches of silver glitter and colorful blue and green stars. The first six shots are individually fired about five seconds apart, allowing each majestic break to fully develop and fade away before the next one explodes. The last three shots are fired nearly instantaneously, pairing perfectly with the time rain ending from Countermeasures.

Watch Them in Action

Be sure to watch the video below of the SFX Countermeasures and SFX Majestic Brocades firework combination. This is a powerful fireworks duo worthy of being the finale of your very own spectacular.

What are your favorite fireworks combinations? Tell us in the comments!

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