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Hammer of Thunder: New Effects for 2018

Updated for 2018: Hammer of Thunder Artillery Kit

As if Hammer of Thunder was not already amazing enough, SFX Fireworks has completely refreshed this 60-gram reloadable artillery kit for 2018. The previous version contained two each of 12 different effects. Now it features 24 unique, high-quality shells featuring truly premium effects!

Hammer of Thunder at a Glance


SFX Fireworks




Reloadable shells

Mortars Included:

4 Fiberglass

Wholesale Price:


Shell Type(s):


Wholesale Case Qty:


Shell Diameter:


Retail Price:


Avg Height:

120 feet
Effect Descriptions:
  1. Charcoal Palm to Purple and Green Stars
  2. Gold Strobing Willow
  3. Red and Green Crackling Palm
  4. Time Rain Willow
  5. Gold Titanium Willow with Red Strobe
  6. Sea Blue & Lemon Yellow with Red Strobe
  7. Gold Palm with Colorful Stars, White Glitter, and Red Strobe
  8. Red Glittering Willow with Crackle
  9. Gold Willow to Neon Peony with White Strobe
  10. Neon Peony to Crackle
  11. Willow with Strobe
  12. Gold Willow to Green with Gold Strobe
  13. Red, Green, and Blue with Gold Strobe
  1. Teal and Magenta with Gold Strobe
  2. Teal and Yellow Dahlia with White Strobe
  3. Brocade Crown
  4. Crackle
  5. Color Peony and Strobe with Silver Chrysanthemum
  6. Green Glitter, Orange Star, and Sea Blue
  7. Brocade to Crackling Willow with Red and Green Peony
  8. Gold Titanium Willow with Sea Blue and Green Strobe
  9. Neon Multi-Color Peony
  10. Gold Titanium Willow
  11. Charcoal Palm with Red and Blue Stars

Hammer of Thunder Video

Premium Packaging and Effects

We love how the new Hammer of Thunder box looks on the shelf. The full-color, foiled box and gold foil wrapped shells gleaming through the package windows makes it stand out from any other kit. But what we love even more are the three ultra-premium willow shells with gold titanium powder in their effects composition. By adding gold titanium, the willows glisten with gold sparks as they slowly float towards the ground. The three shells that contain titanium include:

  • Gold Titanium Willow
  • Gold Titanium Willow with Red Strobe
  • Gold Titanium Willow with Sea Blue and Green Strobe

These three shells have become our absolute favorite willow style shells of any artillery kit. We are confident once you see them, they will be your new favorite willow shells as well!

Hammer of Thunder vs. Other 60-Gram Kits

We think this is one of the best canister kits on the market today, if not the best. We encourage you to put Hammer of Thunder up against any other 60-gram kit on the market, including the hugely popular Excalibur kit from World Class. Once you do, we think you will agree that the size of the breaks and the quality of the 24 different effects from Hammer of Thunder can’t be beat, especially for the price.

Even with the update, we’ve held both the wholesale and retail price on this amazing kit for 2018. The wholesale price remains at $165.19 before discounts for a case of four, which means you’re getting 96 shells for about $1.70 per shell. You can find it here on our wholesale website. For our local retail customers, you’ll find these priced at $89.21 each in our store or you can order your fireworks online for pickup.

More New Fireworks for 2018

Be sure to check out the nearly two dozen new products we added to our catalog this year to help make your Memorial Day and 4th of July fireworks shows the best ever. Many of these products were revealed on our blog this past fall as early arrivals and we will continue to highlight more new products throughout the spring. Be sure to follow us on our blog and social media channels for the latest information.

For a complete list of what’s new for 2018, wholesale customers can shop the New for 2018 page on our wholesale website. Local customers shopping in our store can see up-to-date pricing and availability on our New for 2018 Retail page.

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