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New for 2018: Amped Up

New for 2018: Amped Up

Amped Up is a case of four different 14-shot, 500-gram repeaters from Winda. You will love the firing pace and effect variety Amped Up offers. Like a Boss features brocade crowns, Like a Champ features green time rain, Like a Hero features gold willows and Like a Star features purple palms.

Amped Up

Amped Up at a Glance




14 each


500-Gram Repeater

 Avg Duration:

18 Seconds

Wholesale Price:


Avg Height:

110 Feet

Wholesale Case Qty:



Green, White, Red, Purple, Silver, Blue

Retail Price:



Angled Firing Pattern
Effect Description:

Like a Boss: brocade mine with white/green/red strobes to brocade crown with white/green/red strobes.
Like a Champ: time rain mine with green dahlias to green palm/crackling willow/ dahlia with time rain.
Like a Hero: silver strobe with color pearls mine rises to gold willow to red/blue/green and color tips.
Like a Star: purple with white strobes mine to purple dahlia or palm trees, finale of crackling purple mine to purple palm with silver chrysanthemum.

Amped Up Video

Similar Shot Patterns, Different Effects

The firing pattern of these four repeaters are very similar. Each starts with single shots with mines, then a double shot in a “V” with mines, followed by more single shots with mines and then a multiple shot finale. You could use these to anchor a portion of your show by firing each one after each other from the middle firing position. This provides a consistent central pattern but keeps the audience from getting bored due to the variations in effects and colors. Alternatively, the repeater effects are so varied you could easily mix these throughout your show without anyone noticing a similar item was used earlier in the performance.

What makes this set great for our wholesale customers is getting four different fireworks in a single case. This allows for greater product variety normally only possible when you shop retail. Be sure to checkout our other 500-gram mixed case offerings including Immortals, Container Load Blue, Knock Out Assortment and Mob Madness which is targeted to arrive in May.

Amped Up is available for just $59.90 per case at wholesale or $27.81 each at retail.

More New-for-2018 Fireworks

We are excited to bring you dozens of new products for the 2018 fireworks season! Many of these items arrived early this past fall such as Hero’s Welcome, Incendiary Rounds, and Home Run. While others such as Mother of all Bombs and Brothers Container Load will be arriving in May in time for your Memorial Day and 4th of July celebrations. Be sure to follow us on our blog or our social media channels to stay up to date on when new products arrive.

For a complete list of what is new for 2018, retail customers can shop the New for 2018 Retail page and wholesale customers can visit our New for 2018 Wholesale page.

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