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New for 2018: 196-Shot Barrage Candle by SFX Fireworks

New for 2018: 196-Shot Barrage Candle

New for 2018, the 196-Shot Barrage Candle by SFX Fireworks is available now at Superior Fireworks. This rapid-fire candle blasts 196 shots in just 40 seconds–almost 5 shots a second! It’s one of our favorite new products this season and we know you’re going to love it, too. Keep reading to learn more and see how we used these in the finale of a recent fireworks show.

196-Shot Barrage Candle at a Glance

SFX Barrage Candle



SFX Fireworks




Barrage Candle


40 Seconds

Wholesale Price:


Avg Height:

80-100 feet

Wholesale Case Qty:



Blue, Green, Red

Retail Price:



Effect Description:

196 shots of assorted effects, including color pearls with report and crackle.

196-Shot Barrage Candle Video

These 196-Shot Barrage Candles Are Amazing!

We recently used these candles as part of the finale for our 2018 Memorial Day show idea. We fused together an entire case of 12 candles into two fan-shaped racks so that the shots would spread over the entire show area. Check out this video clip showing the 2,352 shots from these candles going off in just 40 seconds!

You can add these spectacular candles to your show for just $11.99 each at retail or $73.25 for a case of 12 at wholesale.

The Fourth of July Is Almost Here

We’re less than a month away from July 4th, which means time is running out to buy great fireworks like this Barrage Candle for your Independence Day celebration. Don’t wait — now is your best chance to buy fireworks before selection gets picked over by last-minute shoppers. If you’re buying fireworks at our retail store in Orange Park, FL, beat the crowd and take advantage of our Early Bird Fireworks Sale now through June 30. If you want to buy fireworks at wholesale, we’re coming up on shipping deadlines and inventory is already getting low. We strongly encourage you to place your order as soon as possible!

If you have any questions or need help ordering, you can reach our team at or 904-213-0615.

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2 Responses to New for 2018: 196-Shot Barrage Candle

  1. Daniel Robertson July 11, 2018 at 9:48 am #

    These were the favorites of my show. Two fan shaped Barrages with 7 Barrages each; 2@ 45°, 2@60°, 2@75° and 1@90°. With a burn time of 40 seconds the crowd sees something they’ve never seen. These were blazing along with multiple 500 gram cakes and Excalibur’s as well. When the Peacock’s started the crowd went crazy. Thanks Superior for amazing products.

    • Jason Rickard July 11, 2018 at 9:54 am #


      That sounds really awesome, we are so glad that you and your crowd enjoyed the new barrage candles and the other fireworks in your show!


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