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New for 2020 from Shogun Fireworks

For years, we’ve carried some of the best brands in the industry. We currently offer a wide range of products from brands like SFX, Great American Fireworks Co.,  Winda, Brothers, World Class and more! We’re always looking for opportunities to expand our selection with the best fireworks possible. Well, we’re excited to tell you that our brand offering has expanded, and we’ve added a new member to our already impressive lineup – Shogun Fireworks!

One of our team members, Josh, recently reviewed some of the new Shogun products we’ll be carrying in 2020 in this video. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here:


From artillery shells to bottle rockets, Shogun Fireworks are a great addition to your Fourth of July fireworks experience!

Assorted Artillery Shell Kits



Fortress Stronghold is a massive box containing 120 assorted artillery shells for a combined 192 total breaks! This large assortment of single, double, and triple break effects will give your show some nice variation and keep your audience on their toes! Fortress Stronghold is available for just $219.16 wholesale and $329.65 retail


Close Combat contains a truly impressive array of artillery shells. With 16 ball shells, 16 canisters, 8 double breaks, 8 triple breaks, and 4 tubes, you’ll never be at a loss for variety! Close Combat is available as a 2/1 for $144.15 at wholesale and $176.15 in our retail store.



The name may tell you the shot count, but what it doesn’t tell you is the elaborate fan-shaped performance with whistling, crackling, strobing, rapid-fire barrage, and intense finale! For just $74.55 at wholesale – $109.90 in our retail store – this zipper cake is sure to add some enthusiasm to your finale!




Ready Set Boom fires fan-shaped volleys with mines and colorful breaks leading up to a sizzling palm finale with crackling mines! Best of all, you can get 2 for just $67.01 at wholesale! Ready Set Boom is also available in our retail store for $59.98.




This fast-paced 200-gram repeater is sure to add some life to your show! The rapid-fire pacing combined with the crackling effects gives you quite a few options to incorporate it into your holiday show! Ready to Rumble is available as a 16/1 case pack at wholesale for just $99.31, and you can also get it in our retail store for $12.50



Fire in the Night has it all – vibrant colors, quality breaks, crackle, and good pacing! For just $99.21 wholesale and $12.50 retail, Fire in the Night is a must-have item!

Rockets / Roman Candles


Power Rocket Pack has all you need to illuminate the sky this holiday. You’ll get a wide variety of rockets, and some aerial spinners too! You can get Power Rocket Pack in a case of 10 for $230.51 wholesale.


Shogun Rocket / Candle Assortment combines two exciting categories of products into one package! No longer will you have to choose between rockets or candles, you can have both! This assortment is available in both our retail and wholesale stores this year.

More New Items Coming Your Way

These Shogun Fireworks are just a few of the new fireworks for you to consider for your upcoming 2020 Memorial Day and 4th of July shows. You can check out other new products on our wholesale site here. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive more information about new products, and stay up-to-date on all things fireworks!

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