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First Look: The Manhattan Project

Fresh Off the Boat – The Manhattan Project Is in the Building!

The Manhattan Project has officially arrived! We unboxed it as soon as we possibly could to give you an exclusive first look at the first-ever 5-inch shell from The Great American Fireworks Co:

24 Unique Effects

We put a lot of time into deciding which exact effects belong in our 60-gram artillery shell kits, and this kit contains an incredibly unique arsenal of crowd favorites. Titanium willows, afterglow, color change, crackle, strobe – you name it, and it’s probably in this kit! With 24 unique effects, you’ll have more than enough variation no matter which shell you choose. Every shell delivers hard-hitting breaks to leave your audience speechless this Fourth of July.

Maximizing the 5″ Shell

We wanted the larger 5″ shell size to add performance and value instead of just being a marketing gimmick. That’s why for this kit we made sure to include the types of effects that best take advantage of that extra space to get to that full 60 grams. Different types of composition and stars take up different amounts of space in the shell itself, so we’ve chosen compositions that otherwise couldn’t reach the 60-gram limit in a 4″ shell.

What are you waiting for?

The Manhattan Project is available on our website right now! See the full list of effects, watch the video, and place your order today!


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