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New for 2020 from SFX Fireworks, The Great American Fireworks Co.

In recent years, SFX Fireworks and The Great American Fireworks Co. have delivered premium performance, style, and value to the consumer fireworks market. We’re excited to tell you about some of the new products releasing for the 2020 from our favorite brands!

We work closely with factories to design these products so you can get the absolute best fireworks for your holiday shows and celebrations. We’re continually researching, developing, and implementing innovative effects and performance patterns to make our fireworks even better every year. The excitement we experience when these new products arrive never gets old! Josh reviews some of the new items from SFX and GAFC in the video below:



New from the Great American Fireworks Co.

Premium Artillery Shells

A great value and incredible performance? As unbelievable as it sounds, Premium Artillery Shells provide an excellent balance of performance and price. You get 6 ball shells each with a different color peony effect, and a high-quality cardboard tube in each pack!

Victory Day

You couldn’t miss the exciting performance of Victory Day even if you tried. This 500-gram repeater demands attention boasting large brocade horsetail pistil breaks followed by 18 rapid-fire shots and a crackle finale!

210-Shot Cannonade

Add some pace to your show with these rapid-fire barrage candles. These giant roman candles fill out the lower-middle portion sky adding a unique, layered effect!

New from SFX Fireworks

88-Shot Glitter Barrage

These barrage candles take it a step further than the rest by adding bright glitter to its already impressive performance! You can use these to transition between show elements, or add them to an existing element to give it some more pizzazz!



You just have to see Spectre’s unique color-change effect in person to believe it! The excitement between the colorful volleys of comets to color-changing horsetails and the 12-shot barrage of crackling comets to color-changing horsetails with crackle will definitely leave an impression on your audience this year!



The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project hasn’t arrived in our warehouse just yet, but it’s already making its way to the top of our “most popular” for 2020 list. The flagship 5″ shell from The Great American Fireworks Co. is shaping up to be one of the best artillery shell kits to hit our shelves.

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