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Full Bore

Shots: 5
Description: A 4-pack of powerful 5-ball Roman candles with assorted effects:

  • Crackling
  • Gold Glitter Willow
  • Red with Silver Glitter
  • Brocade Crown

Case Pack: 18/4
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750-Shot Color Saturn Missile Battery

Shots: 750
Colors: Red, Green, Gold
Duration: 60+ Seconds
Description: 750 shots of whistling missiles with green and red tails to reports.

Case Pack: 2
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Missile Defense

Shots: 248
Duration: 15 Seconds
Description: Missile Defense unleashes barrages of Saturn missiles into the air with whistles, strobes, reports and crackling, finishing with blasts of crackling mines.

Case Pack: 12
Pre-Order: Ships by April 1
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Incendiary Rounds

Description: Shells Per Pack: 12
Firing Tubes Included: 1
Description & Effects: 12 high-quality, 1.25" canister shells with assorted effects. The kit includes a fiberglass tube.

Case Pack: 12
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Container Load Blue

Shots: 12 (each)
Description: Four of Winda's most-popular 12-shot, 500-gram repeaters in a single case! The set includes Super Stunt, Super Kung-Fu, War Stopper, and Reach for the Sky.

Case Pack: 1/4
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Two If by Sea

Shots: 16 (32 Breaks)
Colors: Gold, Red, Green, Blue, White, Purple
Duration: 40 Seconds
Description: A unique performance of 16 double-shot shots with spiraling, gold tails. It packs in 8 different styles of breaks for awesome variety. It finishes with a grand, 4-break finale!

Case Pack: 4
In Stock
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196-Shot Barrage Candle

Shots: 196
Duration: 40 Seconds
Description: 196 shots of assorted effects, including color pearls with report and crackle.

Case Pack: 12
Pre-Order: Ships by April 1
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Detonation Cracker

Description: This is a VERY LOUD 300 firecracker "head bomb" in which all the firecrackers go off at once!

Case Pack: 12/7
Pre-Order: Ships by April 1
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Color Smoke Grenades

Colors: White, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Red
Duration: 45+ Seconds
Description: These color smoke grenades are available in six different colors, including white, blue, green, purple, yellow and red. Each smoke grenade emits smoke for at least 45 seconds.

Case Pack: 6/24
In Stock
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Ferris Fling

Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Gold
Duration: 110 Seconds
Description: Three Ferris wheels spin with a barrage of sparks and color including red, green and blue wheels with silver and gold chrysanthemums and gilitter with blue, red, green and crackling stars, ending with a crackling finale. This amazing fountain lasts for nearly two minutes!

Case Pack: 6
In Stock
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Canister Smoke Bombs

Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Orange
Duration: 60 Seconds
Description: These smoke bombs emit long-lasting red, blue, green, and orange smoke!

Case Pack: 36/4
Pre-Order: Ships by April 1
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Rolling Lotus

Colors: Gold, Red
Duration: 60 Seconds
Description: A three stage fountain by Magnus. The first stage shoots sparks into the air. The second stage shoots sparks out of the sides causing the fountain to spin rapidly. The final stage fires sparks and colors into the air with crackle!

Case Pack: 12
Pre-Order: Ships by April 1
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