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Biggest and Brightest Assortment

Shots: 16
Description: This collection includes 3 sets of 6 repeaters with assorted effects:

  • Big: White glitter with red peony, white glitter with blue stars
  • Bigger: Alternating red and green palms with chrysanthemum
  • Biggest: Brocade crown with red peony
  • Bright: Colorful peonies
  • Brighter: Purple stars with green glitter, blue stars with red glitter
  • Brightest: Blue stars with silver fish, crackling with chrysanthemum

Case Pack: 3 Sets of 6
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Shots: 16
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Gold
Description: Electricity fires 16 shots, each with gold tails that burst into brocades with red, green, or blue tips.

Case Pack: 12
$62.77 Out of Stock

No Signs of Life

Shots: 10
Colors: Blue
Description: No Sign of Life fires 10 shots of flashing stars into the sky, that break into massive blue bursts!

Case Pack: 8
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Live Wire

Shots: 13
Colors: Green, Red, Blue, Gold
Description: Live Wire shoots 13 shots of spinning gold tails to red twinkling stars, green bursts, and blue bursts!

Case Pack: 8
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Robot Wars

Shots: 16
Colors: Green, Red, Silver
Description: Robot Wars has 16 shots of red tails to red bursts with silver glitter, and red bursts with green glitter.

Case Pack: 12
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Symphony of Shots

Shots: 19
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Gold
Description: Symphony of Shots features green glittering mines to gold brocades, color mines to gold brocades, red glitter mines to gold brocades, and sea blue mines to gold brocades.

Case Pack: 4
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Don't Wake Up the Bear

Shots: 105
Colors: Green, Red, Blue, White, Purple
Description: Don't Wake Up the Bear zips back and forth with a Z-shaped show of red, green, blue, white, yellow and purple comets with reports. This one has a great performance for the price!

Case Pack: 12
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Shots: 16
Colors: Pink, Blue, Yellow
Duration: 20 seconds
Description: A great 16-shot repeater with assorted effects and colors: pink with white glitter, blue and white, yellow crossettes with pink glitter, and a finale of pink crossettes to delay crackle.

Case Pack: 16
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Political Chaos

Shots: 6
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Silver
Duration: 20 seconds
Description: A fantastic 6-shot value! Political Chaos features two alternating effects with vibrant comet tails and glitter.

Case Pack: 24
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Jaw Breaker

Shots: 25
Description: Jaw Breaker delivers crackling tails to multi-colored bouquets with a rapid-fire 10-shot finale.

Case Pack: 12
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Power Zone

Shots: 15
Colors: Red, Blue, White, Green, Purple, Gold
Description: Power Zone packs a nice punch for a 200 gram sized multi-shot. It fires in a fan-pattern, and has outstanding effects including: red and blue stars with white strobe; gold brocade crowns; purple and green stars with white strobe; red palm breaks with white strobe; sea-blue bursts and crackling chrysanthemums.

Case Pack: 8
$63.21 Out of Stock

Boomer 16 Shot Assorted

Shots: 16
Description: This assorted case comes with 3 each, of 6 different repeaters (18 total units). Each unit has 16 shots, and each item has different colors and effects. This case is a great value!

Case Pack: 18
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