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Showdown: Cody vs. Garisson 2023

Cody from CodyBPyrotechnics challenged his friend Garisson to a fireworks show-building contest with product from Superior Fireworks! Check out the video below to see their shows.

Who do you think is the winner? Could you do better? They each used one case of every product listed below, so you can try it yourself!

Note that product availability is always changing this time of year, so feel free so make the show your own by substituting your favorites in place of items that sell out!

Inventory Status
No. of Shells
Shell Diameter
Shell Style

Hammer of Thunder

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$206.55 ($51.64/Each)
New Compact Packaging!
Hammer of Thunder delivers 24 of the most powerful canister shells on the market, including 24 assorted effects with massive breaks.
Case Pack 4/24 No. of Launchers 4 No. of Shells 24 Shell Diameter 1.75" Shell Style Canister Units Per Case 4
$74.32 ($6.19/Each)
196 shots of assorted effects, including color pearls with report and crackle!
Case Pack 12/1 Colors Duration 40 Seconds Shots 196 Size 2.5 x 2.5 x 27 in. Units Per Case 12
Low Stock: 17 Available

Patriotic Medley

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$96.45 ($8.04/Repeater)
Patriotic Medley is a set of three different 200-gram repeaters that share an exciting shot pacing with different colors. Each repeater starts with a blast of 4 rapid-fire shots, then 4 shots individually, then bursts of 3 and 4 shots for the finale!
Case Pack 4/3 Duration 15 Seconds Shots 15 Size 15.50 x 5 x 7 in. Units Per Case 12

American Heartland

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$72.83 ($9.10/Each)
Beautiful gold glitter willow and stars; then sizzling palms with blue stars; brocade with red and glitter; and a 3-shot finale of gold willows with red, green, and blue stars.
Case Pack 8/1 Colors Duration 25 Seconds Shots 10 Size 6.50 x 6.50 x 7 in. Units Per Case 8

Midnight Ride

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$61.86 ($30.93/Repeater)
An assorted set that pays tribute to Paul Revere's historic ride with two 500-gram repeaters: One If by Land and Two If by Sea. One If by Land features 15 powerful shots while Two If by Sea delivers 16 unique double-break shells with a huge variety of effects!
Case Pack 1/2 Size 22.25 x 10.25 x 10.25 in. Units Per Case 2


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$129.06 ($32.26/Each)
Immortals is a mixed case of four 9-shot 500-gram repeaters with an incredible mix of colors and effects!
  • Zeus: 9 shots of three-stage effects! Each shot starts with a glittering gold mine with blue stars to colorful aerial breaks to crackle. The performance wraps up with a massive 3-shot finale!
  • Prometheus: 9 shots of two-stage effects with blue mines to golden palms with colored stars. The first 6 shoots alternate between red stars, blue stars, and white glitter, leading up to a 3-shot finale with all three!
  • Helios: 9 shots of two-stage effects with crackling white glitter mines to glittering gold willows with blue, red, or purple stars, ending with a 3-shot finale!
  • Poseidon: 9 shots of two-stage effects starting with a stunning afterglow mine to beautiful two-tone gold willows, finishing with a massive 3-shot finale!
Case Pack 1/4 Colors Duration 30 Seconds Shots 9 Size 22.75 x 21.25 x 9.50 in. Units Per Case 4

The Founders

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$98.80 ($16.47/Each)
The Founders is an assortment of 6 350-gram repeaters with 12 shots for hard-hitting breaks in every cake!
Case Pack 1/6 Duration 30 Seconds Shots 12 Size 8 x 8 x 8 in. Units Per Case 6
$177.21 ($29.54/Each)
A nearly instantaneous burst of 25 shots that howl as they soar and break into golden brocade crowns.
Case Pack 6/1 Colors Duration 5 Seconds Effects Brocade, Whistle Shots 25 Size 9.5 x 9.5 x 9.75 in. Units Per Case 6

Plasma Ring Rockets

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$159.63 ($8.87/Pack)
Plasma Ring Rockets feature 1.5" ball shells that break into 6 unique effects of colorful rings with pistils.
  • Brocade Crown Ring with Red Lace Pistil
  • Green Stars Ring with Red Lace Pistil
  • Purple Star Ring with Green Strobe Pistil
  • Brocade Ring with Crackling Pistil
  • White Strobe Ring with Red Lace Pistil
  • Red Stars Ring with Gold Lace Pistil
Case Pack 18/6 Colors Effects Rings, Afterglow, Strobe, Brocade Size 30 x 10.5 x 1.5 in. Units Per Case 18

Finish Strong

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$82.79 ($41.40/Each)
Finish Strong delivers a finale-worthy display featuring volleys of colorful mines and comet tails to impressive aerial breaks: gold brocades with glitter, red peonies with glitter, blue peonies with crackle, and a chrysanthemum crackling finale!
Case Pack 2/1 Colors Duration 20 Seconds Effects Mine, Palm, Chrysanthemum, Glitter Shots 42 Size 17.25 x 11.25 x 6.75 in. Units Per Case 2


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$114.42 ($28.60/Each)
Amazing gives a shower of sparks for more than two minutes. It features lots of white crackle with alternating red, green, and blue pearls. It ends with a huge barrage of sparks and color!
Case Pack 4/1 Colors Duration 120 Seconds Size 17.50 x 6.50 x 8.75 in. Units Per Case 4
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