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4 Strategies to Add Variety to Your Wholesale Fireworks Order

4 Strategies to Add Variety to Your Wholesale Fireworks Order

Are you considering a wholesale fireworks purchase but worried about buying full cases of each item? It’s true that fireworks are commonly packed 4, 8, 24 or even more of the same item in each case, which can make it difficult to get the variety you want. If you’re spending thousands each year at a local fireworks store, though, you know that a wholesale purchase can save you tons of money.

We understand this concern very well and always keep this in mind when we add new products to our wholesale catalog. In fact, we now offer more ways than ever to get the best of both worlds—wholesale price savings and amazing variety.

Here are our 4 favorite strategies to add variety to your wholesale fireworks order:

1. Buy Large Assortments

Assortments are packed with a huge mix of fireworks, and we have some of the biggest, highest-quality assortments available. These larger assortments are geared toward fireworks enthusiasts, so they don’t include the smaller novelty items and filler pieces that are often found in smaller packs.

Instead, they offer a collection of artillery shells and aerial repeaters. These assortments can literally be thought of as a show in a box and make buying wholesale easy.

Each of these assortments are packed just one per case, so you can buy them individually even on a wholesale order:

Brothers Container LoadBrothers Container Load Heavy DutyHeavy Duty Home of FreedomHome of Freedom
Top Gun Assortment Most WantedMost Wanted The MaxThe Max The Wow FactorThe Wow Factor

2. Buy Mixed-Case Fireworks

Some wholesale cases contain a mixture of items instead of multiples of the same item. We intentionally provide a large selection of these mixed-case fireworks to help you add variety to your show.

The fireworks in these sets typically have the same shot count and a similar firing pattern but have varying colors and effects. You can either spread them throughout your show or use them together to create a certain theme or cadence. Most mixed cases contain 500-gram repeaters, but there are some great 200-gram options as well.

Amped UpAmped Up Apollo Biggest And BrightestBiggest and Brightest Assortment
Boomer 16s AssortedBoomer 16s Assorted Holy Beasts StackHoly Beasts ImmortalsImmortals
Knock OutKnock Out Mob MadnessMob Madness  Spirit Of America ProductsSpirit of America

3. Buy Large 500-Gram Repeaters

Several 500-gram repeaters are so large that only one is packed into each case. This single-pack case is perfect for avoiding the “multiples of the same item” issue. These fireworks typically have a high shot count (100, 200 or more) and a fast pace. We recommend using them during your show’s finale or to accentuate a featured part of the show where you really want to get the crowd cheering.

American RhythmAmerican Rhythm Chaos TheoryChaos Theory
Electrical OverloadElectrical Overload Sea To Shining SeaSea to Shining Sea

We also offer many 500-gram repeaters and finale racks which come only two to a case. While you do get two of the same item, firing them both at the same time can make a great finale to your show!

Here are a few great examples, but also check out our full selection of Finale Racks and 500-Gram Repeaters and look for any item with a case pack of 2.

CountermeasuresCountermeasures Mother Of All BombsMother of All Bombs Escape VelocityEscape Velocity

4. Buy for Multiple Events

The best way to maximize your fireworks savings and create variety for your shows is to buy for multiple events at the same time. This time of year, most people are looking ahead to July 4th. There’s no reason your spring wholesale order can’t also include fireworks to celebrate Memorial Day, birthdays, an upcoming wedding, little league games, three-day weekends, or even New Year’s!

Planning your order this way provides three distinct advantages:

  1. It makes it easier to meet the $1,000 minimum order.
  2. You can spread out multiples of the same item across different shows.
  3. You only pay for shipping once.

That’s a clear win-win-win.

We are always here to help!

If you need help putting together your wholesale order using the tips above, feel free to email us at or call us at 904-213-0615 so one of our wholesale specialists can assist you.

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