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350-Gram Repeaters at Superior Fireworks

All About 350-Gram Repeaters

If you’ve browsed our website recently, you may have noticed a new product category – 350-Gram Repeaters. Nestled between the extravagant max-load 500-gram repeaters and the smaller, inexpensive 200-gram repeaters, these 350-gram items sit in the “sweet spot” of performance and price. Here’s a quick rundown of exactly what a 350-gram repeater is, along with a shout-out to some fantastic products in this category!

What is a 350-Gram repeater?

According to CPSC, there are only two classifications for repeaters: items with up to 200 grams of composition, and those up to 500 grams. Each classification has different regulations for how they’re made in order to ensure the product is safe for consumers.

But wait, where’s the “350-gram” category?

A 350-gram repeater, for regulatory purposes, is treated the same as a 500-gram repeater simply because it has more than 200 grams of pyrotechnic composition. So it’s not an “official” category in the legal sense. However, it’s easy to see that the regulatory separation of 200-gram and 500-gram repeaters leaves a wide range of products in between and doesn’t paint the full picture for fireworks shoppers.

Why create a separate category?

The problem with “rounding up” these in-between items and calling them “500-gram repeaters” is that it doesn’t always clearly communicate to a customer what they’re buying or how it compares to other items in the same category. Buying something labeled “MAX LOAD up to 500-grams” that really only has 350 grams of powder in it is like buying a family-sized bag of chips only to open a half-empty bag – or is it half-full? Either way, it’s bound to cause some disappointment.

We separated these bigger than 200-, but not quite 500-gram repeaters into their own category to give a clearer representation of the overall performance of these fireworks. This allows you to shop with confidence knowing that you’re looking at similar products throughout the entire category.

Don’t miss these awesome 350-Gram fireworks!

350-Gram Finale 3-Pack 

This finale pack includes 3 fan favorites from Brothers Pyrotechnics in one package:

  • Old Ironsides: Alternating rows of silver tails to silver glitter, green tails to green glitter, and gold tails to brocade, with a 5-shot finale of gold tails to brocade
  • Current Events: Alternating red crackling stars, green bouquets and blue bouquets, ending with a 5-shot finale
  • Irish Legend: Alternating shots of green glitter to purple stars, red, white and blue glittering stars, and red and green bouquets with crackling, with a 6-shot finale

The 350-Gram Finale 3-Pack is new for 2020, and you can only get it at Superior Fireworks!

Patriotic Fanfare

Patriotic Fanfare is a customer favorite in both our wholesale and retail stores alike! With 8 to a case, it’s a phenomenal deal that delivers really nice effects and strong breaks.

Game Over

Game Over delivers a fantastic combination of low, mid, and high-level effects, along with V-shaped shots to fill the sky!

Shop 350-Gram Repeaters

We refuse to let 350-gram repeaters continue to be overlooked because we think they’re a great addition to your celebration! You can shop all of our 350-gram repeaters on our wholesale website and in our store in Orange Park, FL. As always, stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more updates!

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