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Lower Wholesale Prices Released for 2023

New Lower Wholesale Pricing for 2023

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released new LOWER wholesale prices for 2023! On average, you’ll save about 15% compared to 2022 pricing, with savings of more than 20% for some categories. 

The last several years have been extremely challenging for our industry, with a perfect storm of global supply chain issues, skyrocketing import costs, and unfavorable exchange rates driving up costs, forcing everyone to increase prices. Today, we’re seeing improvements in all these key areas, most notably in container shipping costs. 

Since container shipping rates impact larger items the most, that’s where we were able to make the largest price cuts. Finale racks and larger 500-gram repeaters are down about 20%, for example, while densely packed items like firecrackers are closer to 10%. 

We were eager to pass along savings as quickly as possible to start the new year since we know this will be a huge help to everyone planning their 4th of July orders. 

What’s Next? 

New Products for 2023 

In addition to lowering prices, we’ve started adding new products to the website. Look through our New Products category to see what’s already up and keep checking back since more are still coming. 

Early Ship Sale 

As always, the Early Ship Sale kicks off February 1, when we’ll offer an extra 10% discount on top of our standard volume discounts. This year, we’ll also offer some bonus discounts for select items, and we’ll share more about that in the days ahead.

Start Planning Today

For now, we’re encouraging everyone to wait until the start of the Early Ship Sale before placing orders so you have the best pricing and selection available. But it’s the perfect time to start planning! Visit our website to check out the latest products and pricing, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

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